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Since 1972 REGAL CASTINGS has offered continuous services to manufacturing jewellers in New Zealand and are the longest serving contract casters in the country. We ensure the best service possible with a consistent high standard of quality.

Casting alloys

Our in-house metallurgists are constantly working on perfecting our alloys to assist in all aspects of jewellery manufacture. Our specialised range of alloys has been developed over many years of working closely with our customers.

Castings Are Available In The Following Alloys:

Silicon Bronze 14ct Red
Manganese Bronze 14ct White
Sterling Silver 18ct Yellow
Fine Silver 18ct Red
9ct Yellow 18ct White Medium
9ct Red 18ct White Soft
9ct White S 22ct Yellow
9ct White PD 24ct Yellow-Fine Gold
10ct Yellow PD40 & PD970 Palladium Alloys
14ct Yellow Platinum 950

We will cast in other alloys on request.

Cast finishing

All castings are bead blasted to ensure you receive the highest quality finish. We also offer at no charge an extra chemical stripping service.


We have developed our own specialized mould cutting techniques and offer an urgent service when required at no extra cost. We have several moulding materials available to allow for the most suitable option and the best result from your patterns.

Alloy Density

Use this density table to help you calculate the weight of your castings from the weight of a wax, or to estimate the weight of a finished piece from the weight in a different alloy.

To convert from one alloy to another divide weight by the known alloy density and then multiply by wanted alloy density.

e.g: A ring weighing 3.0 grams is made of Sterling, and you want to know the weight of the same ring cast in 18ct Yellow.

3.0 ÷ 10.4 x 15.5

= 4.5 grams in 18ct Yellow

Alloy Density Table

Alloy Name Density (grams per cm³)
Wax 0.95
Bronze 9.0
Lead 11.4
Sterling Silver 10.4
Fine Silver 10.6
9ct Yellow 11.2
9ct White M (medium) 12.6
9ct White S (soft) 12.6
9ct White X pal/plat 12.9
9ct Red 11.2
9ct Pink 11.2
10ct Yellow 11.6
14ct Yellow 13.1
14ct White 12.7
14ct Red 13.1
18ct Yellow 15.5
18ct Red 15.5
18ct White (soft) 16.4
18ct White (medium) 16.4
22ct Yellow 17.7
24ct Fine Gold 19.3
P40 Palladium Alloy 11.1
Platinum 21.4
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