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Wedding Rings
Home Finished Jewellery Pendants
5P00019CT Yellow 16mm Half Ball Pendant
5P00029CT Rose 16mm Half Ball Pendant
5P00039CT Rose 12.5mm Full Ball Pendant
5P00049CT Rose 9.5mm Full Ball Pendant
5P00059CT Rose 8mm Full Ball Pendant
5P00069CT Rose 8mm Full Ball Pendant
5P00079CT Rose 14mm Full Ball Pendant
5P00089CT Yellow 12.5mm Full Ball Pendant
5P00099CT Yellow 9.5MM Full Ball Pendant
5P00109CT Yellow 8mm Full Ball Pendant
5P00119CT Yellow Squared Cross Pendant
5P00129CT Y/G Long Tube Cross Pendant
5P00139CT Y/G Fancy Cross Pendant
5P00149CT Y/G Plain Cross Pendant
5P00159CT Y/G Satin Top Cross Pendant
5P00169ct Y/G St Christopher Seal Pendant
5P00179ct Y/G St Christopher Oval Pendant
5P00189ct Y/G St Christopher Round Pendant
5P00199ct Y/G Small Cross Pendant
5P00209ct Y/G Crucifix Pendant
5P00229ct Y/G Crucifix Pendant
5P00239ct Y/G Crucifix Pendant
5P00249ct Y/G 14mm Lattice Ball Pendant
5P00269ct W/G C.Z. Snowflake Pendant
5P00539ct R/G 14MM Lattice Ball Pendant
5P00549ct CZ Cross Pendant
5P00559ct Y/G C.Z Heart Pendant
5P00569ct W/G C.Z Heart Pendant
5P00599Y CZ Tear Drop Square Pendant
5P00609W CZ Tear Drop Square Pendant
5P00619R CZ Tear Drop Square Pendant
5P00639W CZ & Plain Infinity Pendant
5P00649R CZ & Plain Infinity Pendant
5P00669Y CZ 1 Stone Pendant
5P00679W CZ 1 Stone Pendant
5P00699Y CZ Dolphin Pendant
5P00709W CZ Dolphin Pendant
5P00719Y CZ 21 Pendant
5P00729W CZ 21 Pendant
5P00739Y CZ 18 Pendant
5P00749W CZ 18 Pendant
5P00779ct Gothic CZ Pendant
5P00789CT Plain Infinity Pendant
5P00799CT White Plain Infinity Pendant
5P00809CT Rose Plain Infinity Pendant
5P00839CT Yellow Wing Shaped, Casting & Polished Pendant
5P00849ct Two Colour Religious Casting Pendant
5P00869ct Two Colour St Christoper Oval Casting Pendant
5P00879ct Two Colour St Christoper Round Casting Pendant
5P0090STG Ball pendant and chain 8mm
5P0091STG Ball pendant and chain 10mm
5P0092STG Ball pendant and chain 12mm
5P0093STG Ball pendant and chain 14mm
5P00969ct Yellow Puff Cross Pendant
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