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Alloy Density Table

You can use this density table to help you calculate the weight of your castings, and fabricated metal products using the formulas given throughout this site.

This can be handy to estimate the weight of your final cast piece from the weight of the wax, or if you are making a piece in a different metal.

How to use

To convert from one alloy to another divide weight by the known alloy density and then multiply by wanted alloy density.

e.g: A ring weighing 3.0 grams in sterling silver wanted in 18ct Yellow Gold

Calculate: 3.0 รท 10.4 x 15.5 = 4.5g

Density is in grams per cubic centimetre.

Injection / Carving Wax0.95
Sterling Silver10.4
Fine Silver10.6
9ct Yellow Gold11.2
9ct White M (medium) Gold12.6
9ct White S (soft) Gold12.6
9ct White X pal/plat Gold12.9
9ct Red Gold11.2
9ct Pink Gold11.2
10ct Yellow Gold11.6
14ct Yellow Gold13.1
14ct White Gold12.7
14ct Red Gold13.1
18ct Yellow Gold15.5
18ct Red Gold15.5
18ct White (soft) Gold16.4
18ct White (medium) Gold16.4
22ct Yellow Gold17.7
24ct Fine Gold19.3
P40 Palladium Alloy11.1

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