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Home Findings Clasps
  CodeClasp TypeSizeAlloy  
  701592Bolt Ring5mm9ct Yellow
  701598Bolt Ring5.9mm9ct Yellow
  701598UBolt Ring5.9mm9ct Yellow
  701601Bolt Ring7mm9ct Yellow
  701604Bolt Ring8mm9ct Yellow
9ct White Bolt Rings
  CodeClasp TypeSizeAlloy  
  702648Bolt Ring6.0mm9ct White
  703035Bolt Ring5mm9ct White
  CodeClasp TypeSizeAlloy  
  701748Bolt Ring5.9mm9ct Pink
  CodeClasp TypeSizeAlloy  
  701593Bolt Ring5mm18ct Yellow
  701596Bolt Ring5.5mm18ct Yellow
  701599Bolt Ring5.9mm18ct Yellow
  701602Bolt Ring7mm18ct Yellow
  CodeClasp TypeSizeAlloyPack Quantity  
  701594-5Bolt Ring5mmSterling SilverPack of 5
  701597-5Bolt Ring5.5mmSterling SilverPack of 5
  701600-5Bolt Ring5.9mmSterling SilverPack of 5
  701603-5Bolt Ring7mmSterling SilverPack of 5
  701607-5Bolt Ring8mmSterling SilverPack of 5
  701613Bolt Ring13mmSterling SilverSingle
  701613-5Bolt Ring13mmSterling SilverPack of 5
18ct Yellow Deluxe Bolt Ring
  CodeClasp TypeSizeFinalAlloy  
  703595Deluxe Bolt Ring14.0mmNo Final18ct Yellow Gold
  703600Deluxe Bolt Ring16mmNo Final18ct Yellow Gold
  703605Deluxe Bolt Ring18mmNo Final18ct Yellow Gold
  CodeClasp TypeSizeFinalAlloy  
  701917Deluxe Bolt Ring12mmNo Final9ct Pink Gold
  701918Deluxe Bolt Ring13mm No Final9ct Pink Gold
  702736Deluxe Bolt Ring13mmNo Final9ct Pink Gold
  701915Deluxe Bolt Ring15mmNo Final9ct Pink Gold
  701919Deluxe Bolt Ring16mm No Final9ct Pink Gold
  701921Deluxe Bolt Ring18mm No Final9ct Pink Gold
  701922Deluxe Bolt Ring20mm No Final9ct Pink Gold
  CodeClasp TypeSizeFinalAlloy  
  702730Deluxe Bolt Ring12mmNo Final9ct Yellow Gold
  702730UDeluxe Bolt Ring12mmNo Final9ct Yellow Gold
  702730LDeluxe Bolt Ring12.0mm Light WeightNo Final9ct Yellow Gold
  702730ULDeluxe Bolt Ring12.0mm Light WeightNo Final9ct Yellow Gold
  702731Deluxe Bolt Ring14mm No Final9ct Yellow Gold
  702734Deluxe Bolt Ring15.0mmNo Final9ct Yellow Gold
  702732Deluxe Bolt Ring16mm No Final9ct Yellow Gold
  702732UDeluxe Bolt Ring16.0mm Light WeightNo Final9ct Yellow Gold
  702732LDeluxe Bolt Ring16.0mm Light WeightNo Final9ct Yellow Gold
  702733Deluxe Bolt Ring18.0mmNo Final9ct Yellow Gold
  702735Deluxe Bolt Ring20.0mmNo Final9ct Yellow Gold
  CodeClasp TypeSizeFinalAlloy  
  701610Deluxe Bolt Ring10mmNo FinalSterling Silver
  702644Deluxe Bolt Ring12mmNo FinalSterling Silver
  701612Deluxe Bolt Ring12mmWith FinalsSterling Silver
  702643Deluxe Bolt Ring13mmNo FinalSterling Silver
  702640Deluxe Bolt Ring14mmNo FinalSterling Silver
  701614Deluxe Bolt Ring14mmWith FinalsSterling Silver
  702649Deluxe Bolt Ring15mmNo FinalSterling Silver
  702641Deluxe Bolt Ring16mmNo FinalSterling Silver
  702642Deluxe Bolt Ring18mmNo FinalSterling Silver
  701920Deluxe Bolt Ring20mmNo FinalSterling Silver
18ct White Parrot Clasps
  CodeClasp TypeSizeAlloy  
  705095Parrot Clasp10.1mm18ct White Gold
  705096Parrot Clasp11.7mm18ct White Gold
9ct White Parrot Clasps
  CodeClasp TypeSizeAlloy  
  702645Parrot Clasp10.0mm9ct White Gold
  702646Parrot Clasp12mm9ct White Gold
  703038Parrot Clasp14mm9ct White Gold
  CodeClasp TypeSizeAlloy  
700037Parrot Clasp8mm x 3mm9ct Yellow Gold
700001Parrot Clasps10mm x 3.5mm9ct Yellow Gold
700007Parrot Clasp12mm x 4mm9ct Yellow Gold
700013Parrot Clasp14mm x 5mm9ct Yellow Gold
700019Narrow Parrot Clasp16mm x 6mm9ct Yellow Gold
700031Parrot Clasp18mm x 9mm9ct Yellow Gold
  CodeClasp TypeSizeAlloy  
700002Parrot Clasp10mm x 3.5mm9ct Pink Gold
700003Parrot Clasp12mm x 4mm9ct Pink Gold
700006Parrot Clasp14mm x 5mm9ct Pink Gold
  CodeClasp TypeSizeAlloy  
700004Parrot Clasp10mm x 3.5mm18ct Yellow Gold
700010Parrot Clasp12mm x 4mm18ct Yellow Gold
700016Parrot Clasp14mm x 5mm18ct Yellow Gold
700029Parrot Clasp16mm x 6mm18ct Yellow Gold
700028Parrot Clasp16mm x 8mm18ct Yellow Gold
  CodeClasp TypeSizeAlloyPack Qty  
700011-5Parrot Clasp8mm x 3mmSterling SilverPack of 5
700014-5Parrot Clasp10mm x 3.5mmSterling SilverPack of 5
700012-5Parrot Clasp12mm x 4mmSterling SilverPack of 5
704701-5Parrot Clasp14mm x 5mmSterling SilverPack of 5
700036Parrot Clasp18mm x 9mmSterling SilverEach
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