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Home Tools & Equipment Buffs & Felts Berry Buffs
Superior quality soft-textured buffs perfect for use with rouge to produce a high finish.
White Muslin Buff-Stitched 6" x 60 ply
  CodePlyDiameter Price ex. GST  
  BF116505606" (150mm) $12.00
Economy Muslin Buff for use with Tripoli and Compounds
  CodeDiameterPlyCenterStitching Price ex. GST  
  BF011706"100Leather3 Rows $18.00
Combed Finex Muslin Buff with Shellac Center. Superior quality, soft textured buffs, with combed edges, are perfect for use with rouge to produce a high finish.
Tapered in shape. Well suited for polishing interior and broad surfaces. Sold individually.
  CodeDimensions (in)Dimensions (mm) Price ex. GST  
  BF08532.5" x 1"63.5mm x 25.4mm $50.00
  BF06102" x 1 3/4"50.8mm x 44.5mm $27.00
Available in 3 or 4 rows of Stitching. Sold individually.
  CodeDiameter(in)Diameter (mm)PlyStitch Price ex. GST  
  BF07574"101.6mm503 $9.00
  BF0759015"127mm603 $15.00
  BF07584"101.6mm603 $11.50
  BF07595"127mm503 $14.50
  BF07616"152.4mm604 $16.00
One row of stitching on leather centre, other wise known as Unstitched. Sold individually.
  CodeDiameter (in)Diameter (mm)Ply Price ex. GST  
  BF07794"101.6mm50 $7.50
  BF07814"101.6mm60 $9.00
  BF07835"127mm54 $12.50
  BF1165006"152.4mm50 $12.50
  BF07846"152.4mm54 $12.00
Buff Finex 7" x 50 Ply Stitched
  Code Price ex. GST  
  BF1554 $19.50
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