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Home Tools & Equipment Casting Castaldo® Mold Rubber
Crucibles for use with the centrifugal casting machines. Made of fused silica with a clay bond, which will last through many meltings. Best choice for metal melting up to 2500°F (1371° C). - - Crucible CR22454 has a slot to fit Pro-Craft casting machines.
  CodeCapacity Troy ozCapacity (gm)Capacity (dwt)Base Dimensions Price ex. GST  
  CR04502-1/2775027 x 68mm $28.00
  CR04519279180- $43.00
  CR224521237324050 x 85mm $42.00
  CR045320622400- $39.95
  CR224549279180- $42.00
  Diameter x Height (mm)Capacity AU/GramCode Price ex. GST  
  50 x 20150CRTEMP3 $7.60
  75 x 30500CRTEMP10 $9.40
  85 x 33750CR107201 $8.60
  95 x 351000CRTEMP8 $9.00
  135 x 502500CRTEMP11 $16.50
  Code Price ex. GST  
  CRTEMP7 $25.00
Made of clay bonded fused silica for melting temperatures up to 2800°F (1538°C). Excellent for melting gold and silver.
  CodeShapeSizeDepthCapacity(dwt)Capacity(g) Price ex. GST  
  CR0782Round3"1"25155 $17.50
  CR0780Round1.75"5/8"16148 $15.50
  CodeDescriptionSize Price ex. GST  
CRTEMP21Square Fused Silica Melting Block50 x 50 $12.00
CRTEMP22Square Fused Silica Melting Block65x65mm $12.00
Average depth inside 16mm
  Size mmCapacityCode Price ex. GST  
  80 x 80 x 42600gmCRTEMP16 $12.00
Square Ceramic Crucibles
  Size (mm)CapacityCode Price ex. GST  
  40 x 40 x 19mm50gmCRTEMP12 $7.50
  50 x 50 x 21mm100gmCRTEMP13 $8.00
  60 x 60 x 23mm200gmCR104188 $8.50
  70 x 70 x 21mm300gmCRTEMP14 $9.50
  80 x 80 x 27mm600gmCRTEMP15 $9.00
  100 x 100 x 27mm1kgCRTEMP17 $16.00
  120 x 120 x 40mm2kgCRTEMP18 $20.00
Particular style of these crucibles makes it easier to melt metals with a torch. Made of fused silica with clay bond and suited to high melting temperatures. Handle No. CRTEMP2 can be added to make pouring easier.
  TypeCapacity(oz)Capacity(g)Code Price ex. GST  
  Straight side7-1/2"213CRTEMP5 $41.00
For use with CRTEMP5 crucible only. Wooden handle resists heat. 40cm in length.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  CRTEMP2 $14.00
Suitable for high temperature melting of platinum, chromium, gold alloys, etc.
  CodeTypeCapacity In Platinum (oz)Capacity In Platinum (g) Price ex. GST  
  CR0474Large D with large orifice11312 $93.00
  CodeSize Price ex. GST  
CRTEMP450 x 50 x 13mm $8.00
CRTEMP1965 x 65 x 15mm $7.00
CRTEMP1350mm x 50mm x 21mm $8.00
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