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Home Tools & Equipment Casting Castaldo® Mold Rubber
Used to convert scrap into suitable shape for rolling. The metal is melted in a crucible and poured into the mold.
  A-mmB-mmC-mmD-mmE-mmF-mmKgCode Price ex. GST  
  19 x 8 x 1707 x 8 x 1709 x 8 x 170---0.220IN5201 $68.00
  34 x 8 x 1977 x 8 x 1979 x 8 x 19710 x 8 x 197--0.260IN5202 $80.00
  21 x 10 x 22725 x 10 x 2277 x 8 x 2279 x 8 x 22710 x 8 x 22712 x 8 x 227.360IN5203 $125.00
Two ingot molds in one. You can make flat plates or wires suitable for use in a rolling mill. Wires can be formed in 3, 4, 5, and 6 mm diameters. Simply reverse the movable plate to change configuration. C-clamp holds and releases the plates. Sold individually, image shows both configurations.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  INTEMP1 $99.00
For pouring metal into strips before rolling into wire. Ingots release easily. Machined from high quality tool steel, ground smooth. Three grooves in the following dimensions: 6 x 5 x 250 mm Long 7 x 5 x 250 mm Long 9 x 5 x 250 mm Long Overall length is 17-1/2" (440 mm)
  CodeSize Price ex. GST  
  IN125064.5mm x 4mm x 245mm / 5mm x 4mm x 245mm / 9mm x 8mm x 245mm $120.00
Reverse one side of the mould to make Half Round bars. 70mm length Round Sizes: 2,3,4,5 mm Half Round Sizes: 2x1, 3x1.5, 4x2, 5x2.5mm
  Code Price ex. GST  
  IN12300 $160.00
The width of the Mould can be adjusted for narrower measurements on the cast plate. Max Size 70mm deep. 4.5mm thick. Max width 45mm
  Code Price ex. GST  
  IN12270 $165.00
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