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Engraving Equipment & Supplies

Presidium Inside Ring Engraving machines or Engraving Balls, Sand bags and Leather pads to Vallorbe Swiss Gravers, Eze Lap Diamond Sharpening Stones and Engravers Cement and much much more
Available in top quality high-speed steel and economic carbon steel, both of which are malted and rolled just for gravers.
Suitable for use with all types of metals, wood, bone, ivory, ivory, onyx. Used by engravers, stone setters, die sinkers, jewellers and watchmakers.
Note: Previously high speed steel gravers have all had yellow tangs, new stock will be laser engraved on the side to identify the size and HSS
Vallorbe Flat Gravers
  CodeGraver #Thickness mmSteel Type Price ex. GST  
  GR04014HS40.4High Speed $20.00
  GR04018HS80.8High Speed $26.00
  GR040112HS121.2High Speed $26.00
  GR040114HS141.4High Speed $26.00
  GR040116HS161.6High Speed $30.00
  GR040118HS181.8High Speed $30.00
  GR040120HS202.0High Speed $25.00
  GR040124HS242.4High Speed $26.00
  GR04012TS20.2Tool Steel $16.00
  GR04014TS40.4Tool Steel $16.00
  GR04016TS60.6Tool Steel $22.50
  GR04018TS80.8Tool Steel $23.00
  GR040110TS101.0Tool Steel $20.00
  GR040112TS121.2Tool Steel $16.80
  GR040114TS141.4Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040116TS161.6Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040118TS181.8Tool Steel $18.00
  GR040120TS202.0Tool Steel $17.00
  GR040124TS242.4Tool Steel $16.00
Vallorbe Round Gravers
  CodeGraver #Thickness mmSteel Type Price ex. GST  
  GR04022HS20.2High Speed $25.00
  GR04026HS60.6High Speed $29.50
  GR04028HS80.8High Speed $28.00
  GR040210HS101.0High Speed $25.00
  GR040212HS121.2High Speed $25.00
  GR040216HS161.6High Speed $25.00
  GR040220HS202.0High Speed $25.00
  GR04022TS20.2Tool Steel $16.00
  GR04024TS40.4Tool Steel $16.00
  GR04026TS60.6Tool Steel $16.00
  GR04028TS80.8Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040210TS101.0Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040212TS121.2Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040214TS141.4Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040216TS161.6Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040218TS181.8Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040220TS202.0Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040224TS242.4Tool Steel $18.50
Vallorbe Onglette Gravers
  CodeGraver #Thickness mmSteel Type Price ex. GST  
  GR040340HS4/01.24High Speed $25.00
  GR040320HS2/01.45High Speed $25.00
  GR04031HS11.78High Speed $25.00
  GR04033HS32.16High Speed $25.00
  GR04035HS52.74High Speed $26.00
  GR04036HS62.94High Speed $25.00
  GR04037HS73.14High Speed $26.00
  GR040350TS5/01.16Tool Steel $19.00
  GR040340TS4/01.24Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040330TS3/01.35Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040320TS2/01.45Tool Steel $16.00
  GR04030TS01.58Tool Steel $16.00
  GR04031TS11.78Tool Steel $16.00
  GR04032TS21.94Tool Steel $16.00
  GR04033TS32.16Tool Steel $16.00
  GR04034TS42.54Tool Steel $16.00
  GR04035TS52.74Tool Steel $16.00
  GR04036TS62.94Tool Steel $16.00
  GR04037TS73.14Tool Steel $16.00
  GR04038TS83.36Tool Steel $16.00
Vallorbe Bevel Gravers
  CodeGraver #Thickness mmSteel Type Price ex. GST  
  GR0405220.2Tool Steel $16.00
  GR0405440.4Tool Steel $16.00
  GR0405660.6Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040510101.0Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040512121.2Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040514141.4Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040516161.6Tool Steel $16.00
  GR040518181.8Tool Steel $16.00
Vallorbe Knife Gravers
  CodeGraver #Thickness mmSteel Type Price ex. GST  
  GR040618HS181.8High Speed $24.00
  GR040620HS202.0High Speed $30.00
  GR040622HS222.2High Speed $36.00
  GR040624HS242.4High Speed $26.00
  GR040626HS262.6High Speed $30.00
  GR040628HS282.8High Speed $30.00
  GR040630HS303.0High Speed $30.00
  GR040618TS181.8Tool Steel $20.00
  GR040620TS202.0Tool Steel $20.00
  GR040622TS222.2Tool Steel $20.00
  GR040624TS242.4Tool Steel $22.00
  GR040626TS262.6Tool Steel $20.00
  GR040628TS282.8Tool Steel $20.00
  GR040630TS303.0Tool Steel $20.00
  GR040632TS323.2Tool Steel $20.00
Vallorbe Square Gravers
  CodeThickness mmSteel Type Price ex. GST  
  GR0501225H2.25High Speed $32.00
  GR0501275H2.75High Speed $38.00
  GR050135HS3.50High Speed $30.00
  GR05014HS4.0High Speed $40.00
  GR05016HS6.0High Speed $28.50
  GR0501125T1.25Tool Steel $10.80
  GR050115TS1.50Tool Steel $14.00
  GR0501175T1.75Tool Steel $11.00
  GR05012TS2.0Tool Steel $14.00
  GR050125TS2.50Tool Steel $20.00
  GR05013TS3.0mmTool Steel $18.00
  GR050135TS3.50Tool Steel $12.00
Vallorbe Lozenge Gravers
  CodeThickness mmSteel Type Price ex. GST  
  GR05021751.75Tool Steel $14.00
  GR050222.0Tool Steel $18.00
  GR0502252.50Tool Steel $20.00
Vallorbe Oval Gravers
  CodeGraver #Thickness mmSteel Type Price ex. GST  
  GR40421212.10Tool Steel $16.00
  GR40425252.50Tool Steel $16.00
Vallorbe Shading Tool
  CodeRowsThickness mmGraver #Steel Type Price ex. GST  
  GR041310661.010Tool Steel $39.00
  GR041312661.212Tool Steel $39.00
  GR041316661.616Tool Steel $39.00
  GR041320662.020Tool Steel $39.00
  GR041312881.212Tool Steel $39.00
  GR041314881.414Tool Steel $39.00
  GR041316881.616Tool Steel $39.00
  GR041318881.818Tool Steel $39.00
  GR041320882.020Tool Steel $39.00
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