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Cleaning up jewellery after lost wax casting is best accomplished using a polishing machine and buffing wheels. Find everything you need for polishing and cleaning gold silver and platinum jewellery and other metal items. From Dialux polish and buffing compounds to dust collectors and a wide selection of polishing cloths.

Looking for polishing wheels?

A range of cloths for hand polishing and cleaning
Keep hands clean when polishing with rouge! Double cloth-one side impregnated with jeweller's rouge and the other side is a final polish cloth. Measures 9" x 11". Individually packed in plastic pouches.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  CL110 $17.50
This is a new lintless polishing cloth. It is perfect for removing oils and other contaminants from diamonds. This cloth is great for other precious stones. It works great and looks great on the retail counter. With a revolutionary micro fibre that will not snag or shed, it is the optimum texture and softness for cleaning film from precious stones, especially diamonds. Untreated, a lovely powder blue colour, packaged one to a hang-up bag for excellent counter display. We are so impressed by this cloth that we think it will become the standard of the industry. This polishing cloth measures approximately 9" x 10" (229 x 254 mm).
  Code Price ex. GST  
  CL805 $9.95
Double cloth, impregnated with jeweller's rouge. Measures 12" x 14". Packed individually in plastic pouch.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  CL120 $19.00
SoftShine® Cloth is ideal for applications where non-treated cloth is needed. Each cloth is individually packaged for counter display and has the perfect feel. Lint-less, with a high degree of absorbency, SoftShine® is perfect for removing fingerprints from gold, silver, crystal or any other polished surface. Available in two sizes 10" x 10" perfect for the shop/workshop and 5" x 5" a perfect give away for customers.
  CodeSize Price ex. GST  
  CL807010" x 10" $9.95
  CL807045" x 5" $2.80
A rouge-less, dual-cloth buffing system. Ultra-soft for Jewelry cleans and buffs gold and silver jewelry. Ultra-soft for Silver lifts tarnish from sterling silver, silver plate, flatware and hollowware, while leaving a protective, anti-tarnish coating. Measures 11" x 14" (279 x 356 mm). Sold individually.
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