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Soldering Tools & Accessories

All of the essential tools for soldering gold and silver and platinum.

A huge range of Fluxes to Pickles third hands to Soldering Stations.

Please See our Torches, Burners, & Accessories section for more products
Aquiflux. It's the tried-and-true jewelers' hard soldering flux. Yellow-green and self-pickling, it is the best in water-based fluxes. Well-mixed to eliminate suspension.
  CodeVolume Price ex. GST  
  FL93203240ml $16.50
For over 50 years, the proven standard of quality. Makes hard soldering as easy as soft soldering. Use on gold, silver, platinum and other metals with high melting points. Preserves temper and color of metal and the adhesive qualities of this liquid flux hold solder in place.
  CodeSize Price ex. GST  
  FL0553oz (88ml) $18.00
  FL0408 oz (237ml) $26.00
  FL05432 oz (946ml) $72.00
Borax cones are a dry form of flux. Used with water and a Borax Dish (SOTEMP2) to form a paste. The amount of water required is minimal - wet surface of the dish and tip out excess -what remains is sufficient. Move the cone in a circular motion (whilst applying a little pressure) in one area of the dish. Due to the ceramic texture fine deposits of the cone are left in the water and in turn form a paste. The paste is then used as a flux to keep the joining area clean while soldering.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  SOTEMP1 $12.99
A powdered form of Borax flux used to prevent oxidization while heating metal. The powder can be used directly onto the metal when melting or mixed with water and applied to the join when soldering. Use Borax to season crucibles for melting and casting. Mix with alcohol to make a paste flux. Include with metal or granules for an easier pour. ***PICTURED JAR MAY VARY SEE PRODUCT CODE FOR SUPPLIED WEIGHT***
  CodeWeight Price ex. GST  
  SOTEMP21250g $7.00
Mix with denatured alcohol or meths in a glass alcohol cup to create an excellent deoxidizing flux and dip. Typically used to prevent oxidation and firescale on sterling silver during soldering. ***PICTURED JAR MAY VARY SEE PRODUCT CODE FOR SUPPLIED WEIGHT***
  CodeWeight Price ex. GST  
  SOTEMP20250g $7.00
For use in low temperature brazing and silver soldering ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Begins to dissolve oxides at 800°F (427°C) and is fluid-active between 1100° and 1600°F (593° and 871°C). Contains no fluoride.
  CodeSize Price ex. GST  
  FL04401.5 oz $15.00
  FL04428 oz $35.00
Container of Borax from Griffith
Griffith Prip's Flux. A liquid hard soldering flux that prevents the formation of firecoat and firescale during soldering.
  CodeVolume Price ex. GST  
FL54502240ml $32.50
Handy Flux is a very durable and powerful general purpose flux that protects your parts up to 1600°F (870°C). It is an active fluoride-type flux which is appropriate for all nonferrous metals and begins to melt and dissolve oxides at 600°F (320°C). Paste formula can be cleaned up with hot water. 7 oz. jar with brush.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  FL95001 $19.95
For grinding down your borax cones.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  SOTEMP2 $60.00
MB Formula WORKS!!! Don't let borax steal your gold! Invented by a chemist with the intent of yielding the most gold from filings or bench sweeps. Melts brilliantly. Brings down 100% of your gold. Reduces metal cracking. Eliminates the time-consuming mess of removing hidden gold from borax residue.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  FL0285 $64.00
For hard soldering with flame. Stays put like a paste, will not run like a liquid and yet is transparent. Eliminates blind joint soldering. Jel-Flux produces less oxides and residues, allowing for faster pickling. With no toxic fumes and its biodegradable. 2 oz. jar.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  FL035 $16.50
A non corrosive flux, harmless to hands or clothing. washes off with water even after drying. Works with any soft solder. 1/2 oz. bottle
  Code Price ex. GST  
  FL015 $22.50
Spreads quickly and wets the surface completely so alloys flow better. Protects from oxidation while heating and retards discolouration of brazed area. Working temperature range is 1100° - 1350°F (593° - 732°C). Excess flux can be removed with hot water. No waste or loss due to drying, simply add water until creamy.
  CodeSize Price ex. GST  
  FL025 2 oz. $12.35
For Medium solder 600 - 850°C. Supplied in a 250gram jar.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  FL2005 $44.50
For high temperature soldering - hard solder. Supplied in a 250gram jar.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  FL2010 $60.00
Easy-flo Flux Paste a brazing flux suitable for use with silver brazing filler metals. It has a working range of 575-825C and can be used with silver brazing filler metals melting below 775C. Easy-flo Flux Paste exhibits better life at temperature and greater overheat resistance than many other flux pastes. Easy-flo Flux paste has a low melt viscosity and as such performs well when pasted onto vertical surfaces, and can be useful when brazing stainless steel. The molten viscosity of Easy-flo Flux Paste is such that it holds on vertical surfaces. It is therefore particularly useful when brazing joints in positions where other fluxes may have a tendency to run away from the joint.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  FL2000 $32.00
Borax Tray Round 4.25" x 15mm Eco
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