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Soldering Tools & Accessories

All of the essential tools for soldering gold and silver and platinum.

A huge range of Fluxes to Pickles third hands to Soldering Stations.

Please See our Torches, Burners, & Accessories section for more products
Excellent for use at low temperature of 430° F (221° C). Contains no lead or corrosive materials. Easy to use, paste dispenser contains the proper amount of solder and flux. Five times as strong as ordinary solder and will not tarnish.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  SO0801 $25.00
New to the solder paste line is our soft copper solder paste. Although copper solder paste is not actually copper in color, it is less bright than silver solder paste. Features: Cadmium free Flow point: 1325°F (718°C) Melting point: 1240°F (671°C) 1/2 ozt
  Code Price ex. GST  
  SO82410 $16.00
A low-temperature, silver bearing solder paste which will speed up soldering tasks because it works with the heat of a match or lighter. Will join 22 different combinations of metals. Easy-to-use, no-mess, no-waste syringe. Capacity 7.1 grams.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  SO82007 $18.00
Excellent for use in any soft solder applications. Does not contain any lead, antimony or zinc. Free flowing and produces a bright white finish. 1 pound spool.
High strength silver-bearing solder melts and flows at 430° F (221° C). Provides strength without distortion caused by high temperature brazing. The Stay-Brite Silver Solder Kit is cadmium free. Not only that, it is 5 times stronger than regular solder and 100% lead-free, the Stay-Brite Silver Solder Kit will join all metals excluding aluminium. Use with a soldering iron or torch. Stay-Brite Silver Solder Kit Includes: •Solder 14g (0.5Oz) •Flux 14g (0.5Oz) Stay-Brite Silver Solder Kit Specifications: •Cadmium-free •Size: 1.16mm •Physical state: Wire •Chemical container type: Bottle •Percentage 1: 96% •Percentage 2: 4% •Composition 1: Tin •Composition 2: Silver •Melting point: 221°C (430°F)
  CodeDescription Price ex. GST  
  SO0452Kit $52.00
Hardest soft solder on earth. Melts at 275°F (135°C) and has a holding power of 4300 PSI. Adheres to all ordinary solderable materials and works with gun, iron, torch or soldering machine. Stays white and does not tarnish. Comes in 3" sticks, with 20 sticks per package. To be used with Tix Flux.
  CodeDescription Price ex. GST  
  SO0808Tix Solder Only $40.00
  FL015Tix Flux Only $12.00
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