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Home Tools & Equipment Sawblades & Sawframes Circular Saws
175mm x 1mm thick 60 and 120 Diamond Grit Can be used with any of our fixed or adjustable saw frames. Cut stone, glass, tile, carbides, fibreglass Greenstone and more!
  CodeGrit Price ex. GST  
  SBD2706060 $15.00
  SBD27100100 $16.00
  SBD27120120 $16.00
Often referred to as "Platinum Saw Blades" these premium quality blades share the features of the regular Saw Blades, however the Platinum blades undergo extra processing to produce a harder, sharper and longer wearing sawblade. Ideally suited for Gold and Platinum work, these sawblades will also handle the harder metals such as Stainless Steel or Titanium. Available in 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, 2, 3 and 4 sizes. Limited stock of "Glardon Granit" branded blades remain, future orders will be Pike Platinum branded.
  CodeSize Quantity Price ex. GST  
  SBG2/0DOZ2/0DOZEN $5.00
  SBG2/0GROSS2/0GROSS(144) $58.00
  SBG0GROSS0GROSS(144) $60.00
  SBG2GROSS2GROSS(144) $60.00
  SBG3GROSS3GROSS(144) $50.00
  SBG4GROSS4GROSS (144) $45.00
High carbon steel 5 inch pinned saw blades. These blades are heat treated and tempered to be flexible but maintains hardness for good life. 18 teeth per inch with a slight set to the teeth. The tooth set provides smooth cutting action with the narrowest kerf possible. Used for cutting bone, pearl, plaster, plastic and similar materials. Sawframe to suit is SF100
  CodePack Size Price ex. GST  
  BL0875-1010 $10.00
  BL0875-100100 $80.00
Designed for wax cutting. Every other tooth is eliminated to provide smooth cutting and non-loading action. One dozen size #1 blades to a package. Sold by dozen.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  SB0320DOZ $6.00
Cuts in any direction. Used for cutting bone, rubber, plastics, wax, plaster and similar materials. Sold by the dozen or buy a gross and save 20% Round back, for metal, wood, plaster, wax, horn and other soft materials. Filed teeth, general use and high efficiency.
  CodeSizeDiameter (mm)Quantity Price ex. GST  
  SBS2/0DOZ2/00.52DOZEN $8.20
  SBS2/0GROSS2/00.52GROSS(144) $82.00
  SBS0DOZ00.56DOZEN $9.00
  SBS0GROSS00.56GROSS (144) $99.00
  SBS1DOZ10.61DOZEN $8.20
  SBS1GROSS10.61GROSS(144) $82.00
  SBS2DOZ20.70DOZEN $9.00
  SBS2GROSS20.70GROSS(144) $90.00
  SBS3DOZ30.74DOZEN $6.20
  SBS3GROSS30.74GROSS(144) $62.00
  SBS4DOZ40.78DOZEN $5.60
  SBS4GROSS40.78GROSS (144) $56.00
  SBS5DOZ50.84DOZEN $5.60
  SBS5GROSS50.84GROSS (144) $56.00
  SBS6DOZ60.91DOZEN $6.20
  SBS6GROSS60.91GROSS(144) $62.00
  SBS8DOZ81.02DOZEN $6.90
  SBS8GROSS81.02GROSS(144) $69.00
Scies Miniatures Sarl in Vallorbe, sole manufacturer in Switzerland of "filed" jewelers' saws, is proud to present, the SUPER PIKE® blades. Based on the PIKE® blades, the SUPER PIKE® was developed using an optimized heat treatment process to reach a maximum level of performance. This new addition complements the already proven quality of our blades, the result of half a century of manufacturing experience. The hands-on knowledge and expertise of our skilled staff prevail over modern 21st technology. Try out our SUPER PIKE® blade for a personal feel of its exceptional quality. - Round Back. - Blade Length - 130mm. **Please note, the Super Pike blades replace the previous Glardon-Vallorbe sawblades, stock may vary as old stock is depleted**
  CodeSizeThickness x Width (mm)Teeth per cmQuantity Price ex. GST  
  SB8/0DOZ8/0 0.32 x 0.1633DOZEN $6.40
  SB8/0GROSS8/0 0.32 x 0.1633GROSS (144) $64.00
  SB6/0DOZ6/0 0.36 x 0.1830DOZEN $5.00
  SB6/0GROSS6/00.32 x 0.1630GROSS (144) $55.00
  SB5/0DOZ5/00.40 x 0.2026DOZEN $5.00
  SB5/0GROSS5/00.40 x 0.2026GROSS (144) $48.00
  SB4/0DOZ4/0 0.44 x 0.2225DOZEN $4.00
  SB4/0GROSS4/0 0.44 x 0.2225GROSS (144) $40.00
  SB3/0DOZ3/00.48 x 0.2422DOZEN $4.00
  SB3/0GROSS3/00.48 x 0.2422GROSS (144) $40.00
  SB2/0DOZ2/0 0.52 x 0.26 21DOZEN $3.80
  SB2/0GROSS2/0 0.52 x 0.26 21GROSS (144) $38.00
  SB0DOZ0 0.58 x 0.2820DOZEN $4.00
  SB0GROSS0 0.58 x 0.2820GROSS (144) $40.00
  SB1DOZ1 0.63 x 0.3019DOZEN $5.00
  SB1GROSS1 0.63 x 0.3019GROSS (144) $38.00
  SB2DOZ2 0.70 x 0.3417DOZEN $4.00
  SB2GROSS2 0.70 x 0.3417GROSS (144) $40.00
  SB3DOZ3 0.74 x 0.3616DOZEN $3.60
  SB3GROSS3 0.74 x 0.3616GROSS (144) $36.00
  SB4DOZ4 0.80 x 0.3815DOZEN $3.50
  SB4GROSS4 0.80 x 0.3815GROSS (144) $35.00
  SB5DOZ5 0.85 x 0.4014DOZEN $4.50
  SB5GROSS50.85 x 0.4014GROSS (144) $45.00
  SB6DOZ60.94 x 0.4313DOZEN $5.00
  SB6GROSS60.94 x 0.4313GROSS(144) $50.00
This convenient assortment pack of high performing Super Pike Swiss made saw blades is an ideal purchase for new and existing jewellers alike. Made from the worlds finest steel, this pack contains 72 saw blades; 6 bundles of 12 blades presented in cuts of; 6/0, 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 1 and 3 (6/0 being the finest and 3 being the thickest cut). These highly flexible blades have a rounded back for precise, accurate cutting and have been enhanced with an effective heat treatment process, ensuring durability, hardness and user comfort. Each bundle is supplied in an easy-to-use, protective plastic wallet which has been individually sectioned to separate the cuts. Super Pike Saw Blades allow you to work with precious metals, along with soft base metals such as brass, copper and aluminium.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  SBSET $35.00
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