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Lightweight but strong. Will protect your skin from cuts and burns. Open mesh allows skin to breath. Just wrap around twice for full protection. Sticks only to itself and not your skin for easy removal at the end of the day. 3/4 x 90 ft. Sold by the individual roll or a bag of 16 rolls.
  CodeQuantity Price ex. GST  
  SA0001Single $6.00
  SA0001-16Bag of 16 Rolls $76.80
Full length-split leather with superior wrap-around style and elastic comfort back. Maximum protection for all jewellery making operations.
  CodeDescriptionPack Qty Price ex. GST  
  SA0527-2Open end finger guard.Pack of 2 Price on request
  SA0527-10Open end finger guard.Pack of 10 Price on request
SA0005-2Open end finger guards.Pack of 2 $4.00
SA0005-10Open end finger guards.Pack of 10 $10.00
SA0528-2Closed end finger guard.Pack of 2 $4.00
SA0528-10Closed end finger guard.Pack of 10 $15.00
SA0529-2Closed end thumb guard.Pack of 2 $10.30
SA0529-10Closed end thumb guard.Pack of 10 $42.90
Protect jewellery, silverware, etc, from fingerprints, spotting, and tarnishing. One size fits most hands, with the lighter version slightly smaller than the heavier version. Small is smaller than the light version.
  CodeDescriptionPack Quantity Price ex. GST  
  MI0101PSmallPair (2 gloves) $5.00
  MI0101-12PSmall12 Pairs (24 gloves) $50.00
  MI0102PHeavyweight stylePair (2 gloves) $5.00
  MI0102-12PHeavyweight style12 Pairs (24 gloves) $50.00
  MI0103PLightweight stylePair (2 gloves) $4.40
  MI0103-12PLightweight style12 Pairs (24 gloves) $44.00
Made of soft moulded red rubber to provide comfortable protection from oil, dirt and grime. Sold individually or by the dozen.
  CodeSizePack Quantity Price ex. GST  
  SA0225SmallSingle $1.80
  SA0225-12SmallPack of 12 $35.20
  SA0226MediumSingle $2.00
  SA0226-12MediumPack of 12 $12.00
  SA0227LargeSingle $2.00
  SA0227-12LargePack of 12 $12.00
  SA0228Extra largeSingle $2.00
  SA0228-12Extra largePack of 12 $12.00
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