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Advanced diagonal cutting nippers, unsurpassed in cutting capacity. Manufactured with screw-type precision lap joint for optimum strength, exact movement and maximum accessibility. Dual spring-loaded handles and oval jaw design.
  CodeDescriptionLinstrom NumberOverall LengthLength of Jaws Price ex. GST  
  PL38162Cutters 8162125mm (4.92")16mm $120.00
  PL38140Micro-bevel81404-5/16"3/8" $102.00
  Pl38141Flush cut81414-5/16"3/8" $105.00
  Pl38150Micro-bevel81504-13/32"1/2" $90.00
  Pl38160Micro-bevel81604-15/16"5/8" $90.00
  PL38161Flush Cut81614.92"5/8" $105.00
High quality, extremely precise and accurate pliers. Specially forged box joint with extra long contact surfaces. Joint moves smoothly for extra precision even at the tip. Box joint allows for smaller overall dimensions, improving accessibility in confined areas. With dual spring-loaded handles and comfortable cushion grips, marked with information on pliers' capacity.
  CodeDescriptionLinstrom NumberOverall LengthLength of Jaws Price ex. GST  
  PL37190Side cutter71904-5/16"11/32" $90.00
  PL37291End cutter flush cut72914-1/4"19/32" $132.00
  PL37490Flat nose74904-3/4"25/32" $85.00
  PL37590Round nose75904-3/4"25/32" $80.00
  PL37890Long chain nose78905-3/16"1-1/4" $95.00
  PL37892Curved tip chain nose78925-1/16"1-1/8" $106.00
  PL37893Chain nose78934-3/4"25/32" $95.00
•Made of high chromium steel alloy. •Precision crafted in Switzerland. •High friction ergonomic grips distribute proper pressure to hand surface for maximum comfort. •Light action grips. •Precision screw joints for long life.
  CodeType Price ex. GST  
PL8141Micro Edge Cutter $136.00
PL37450Lindstrom Round-Flat Nose Ex Series $135.00
Lindstrom 4 pc Kit. Recognized by jewelers and craftsmen worldwide, Lindstrom Pliers and Cutters are unsurpassed in quality materials, design and performance. EURO TOOL, Inc. is proud to be the North American distributor of Lindstrom Tools for the jewelry arts industries. This handy four piece set includes: •1pc 7490 •1pc 7590 •1pc 7893 •1pc 8141 •Secure zipper pouch
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PL37000 $320.00
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