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Parallel Action Pliers
Plier Parallel Chain Economy
  CodeType Price ex. GST  
  PL86601Parallel Chain Nose $54.00
Pliers Bending Parallel 135mm
Pliers Flat Nose Parallel 125mm
  CodeTypeSize Price ex. GST  
  PL344Flat Nose Parallel125mm $40.00
Pliers Flat Nose Parallel w/Spring Half Round 140mm
  CodeTypeSize Price ex. GST  
  PL353Flat Nose Parallel w/Spring Half Round140mm $45.00
Pliers Half Round/Half Flat 125mm
  CodeLength Price ex. GST  
  PL345125mm $45.00
Pliers Parallel Action 125mm Groove
Pliers Parallel Action 125mm Smooth
  CodeJaws LengthJaws WidthOverall lengthMax Opening Price ex. GST  
  PL051224 mm6 mm5" (125mm)3/8" (9.5mm) $74.00
Pliers Round Nose parallel 140mm
  CodeTypeSize Price ex. GST  
  PL352Round Nose parallel140mm $35.00
Pliers Round Nose/Flat Nose Parallel 140mm
  CodeTypeSize Price ex. GST  
  PL355Round Nose/Flat Nose Parallel140mm $46.00
Pliers Round Nylon Flat Jaw Parallel w spring 145mm
  CodeTypeSize Price ex. GST  
  PL361Round with Nylon Flat Jaw Parallel with spring145mm $32.00
Flat Nose Plier. Sealed handles. Smooth jaws.
  CodeHandle LengthJaw OpeningJaw Width Price ex. GST  
  PLTEMP1125mm10mm6.5mm $74.00
125mm Snipe Nose Plier. Sealed handles. Smooth jaws.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PL46285 $99.00
140mm Flat Nose Plier, Sealed handles, Knurled jaws.
Parallel action provides even pressure while holding firm. The durable nylon will prevent marring scratches or damage to the piece being held. Spring action and knurled grip add comfort and ease of use. Replacement Jaws available - Regal code PL86405
  CodeItem Description Price ex. GST  
  PL86400Complete Plier $54.00
  PL86405Replacement Jaw $6.00
Chain nose parallel pliers are excellent quality at an affordable price! Heads and jaws are made of high grade tool steel for years of use. Compound pliers give the user a superior hold with less fatigue. Give ours a try youll agree that they make work a lot easier!
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PL86000 $47.39
140mm Flat Nose Plier. Sprung handles. Smooth jaws.
  CodeJaw OpeningJaw WidthHandle Length Price ex. GST  
  PL8660010mm8mm140mm $42.00
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