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Adjustment from heavy to medium/fine can be made. Supplied with two hammering points which can be shaped to suit the application required. DO NOT EXCEED 3000RPM, OR WARRANTY WILL BE VOID
  CodeConnection Price ex. GST  
  HP1120American (Ball bearing) $180.00
  HP1100European (Slip joint) $175.00
The FARO hammer hand-piece is available in slip joint attachment only. The FARO hammer hand-piece is very robust despite its size and shape. The hand-piece has a diameter of only 19.5mm. It is possible to increase or reduce the percussive force by simply rotating a toothed gearing wheel. The FARO hammer hand-piece are supplied with a conical striking tip 31 mm long and 2.5mm in diameter. A cylindrical tip with a 4.5mm diameter is also available. Max number of strokes transmittable 4000 per minute. DO NOT EXCEED 4000RPM.
  CodeConnection Price ex. GST  
  HP2050European (Slip joint) $260.00
Hand-piece with hammering rather than rotary action for use at low speed (0-5,000 rpm) by jewellers for stone setting and decorative work. Comes with an anvil point. Hammer has 1/32" stroke and its impact can be adjusted from light to heavy. Optional points are available: Pave Point (R15PT) and Stylus with Carbide Tip (HP10212). 5-1/4" long, 1/4" dia. at tip, wt. 3.65 oz., ship wt. 4.9 oz. Member of the Foredom system of "Quick Disconnect" handpieces. DO NOT EXCEED 5000RPM
  Code Price ex. GST  
  HP3150 $275.00
Same as the No. 15, with the addition of a Duplex Spring. The spring provides extra flexibility to the hand-piece. Duplex springs are subject to breakage. We recommend that only experienced users of flex shaft tools whose work demands the added flexibility consider purchasing this style hand-piece. For most users, the "straight" hand-piece is the preferable solution. 9-5/8" long, 1/4" dia. at tip, wt. 5.2 oz., ship wt. 7.15 oz. Member of the Foredom system of "Quick Disconnect" handpieces. DO NOT EXCEED 5000RPM
  Code Price ex. GST  
  HP3155 $355.00
Slip joint connection for use with European-style flexible shaft machines. This hand-piece is not interchangeable with Foredom "Quick Disconnect" style handpieces. 5-5/8" long, 1/4" dia. at tip, wt. 3.55 oz., ship wt. 4.8 oz. DO NOT EXCEED 5000RPM
  Code Price ex. GST  
  HP3200 $280.00
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