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  MO3550 $390.00
For high speed applications up to 38,000 rpm including light deburring of cast pieces, bright cutting in jewelry making and fine detailing in wood. The NEW 1070 Kit includes: * HP4-917 Control Box * MH-170 Hand-piece with 3/32" (2.35mm) Collet * HP4-960 Variable Speed Foot Control * HP4-933 Hand-piece Cradle * Spare pair of motor brushes, spare fuse, collet changing wrenches. Kit includes control box, hand-piece with 3/32" collet, variable speed foot control, hand-piece cradle, spare pair of motor brushes, spare fuse and collet changing wrenches. Compared to flex shafts, micro motors have much less torque, however, the higher speed results in a comparable rate of material removal with a lighter touch. The simple cord connection between the hand-piece motor and control box is another key advantage. Unlike the "drag" and general restriction in manoeuvrability you have with a shaft and sheath, micro motors offer much greater freedom of movement. The HP4-917 Control Box is compact with switches on the front for On/Off Power, Forward or Reverse Rotation, and Manual or Foot Speed Control. Speed can be adjusted from low to full speed using the dial on the box or with the foot pedal. An Overload Protector Light is also featured that turns red and sounds a beeping alarm when the motor stalls. The back of the control box has a convenient voltage selector switch for operating with either 115 volt or 230 volt. The control converts AC current to DC current required for the hand-piece. The MH-170 High Speed Rotary Hand-piece has a slender, contoured grip for precise and very high speed work and quick release rotary type chuck. It has a fan cooled, brush-type continuous duty motor that runs cool and vibration free with permanently lubricated, shielded ball bearings that require no lubrication. It comes with a 3/32" (2.35mm) collet that is easy to install and change with supplied collet changing wrench. Optional 1/8" and 3mm collets are available separately. Bur changes are quick and easy with a simple twist of the front section of the Hand-piece. A cradle is also supplied for the hand-piece when not in use. A selection of collet adapters is available for simplifying changes between accessories with different shank sizes. Hand-piece specifications: 6.2" overall length, 5/8" grip diameter, 1" motor diameter, 7.3 oz./208 gr., DC30V/1.2A. CE marked. An optional On/Off Foot Switch (HP4-927) is also available separately to turn the motor on and off without changing the speed set by the dial.
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  MO10702 $1040.00
Ideal for stone setting applications and engraving techniques that require a hammering action. Hammer can be varied from 0-5,000 strokes per minute. 115 or 230 volt. Stone Setting/Engraving Micromotor Kit 1080 includes: 1. MH-011 Hammer Handpiece 2. HP4-917 Control Unit (this is the same control unit that comes in Micromotor Kits K.1020, K.1070 and K.1090) 3. H8-214 Graver Holder 4. Handpiece tray and Accessories described below CE marked. One Year Limited Warranty This Hammer Action micromotor is ideal for stone setting applications and engraving techniques. The force of the impact of the MH-011 reciprocating handpiece can be adjusted from light to full by turning the metal ring while the motor is off or running. The speed of the hammer action can also be varied from 0-5,000 strokes per minute with the dial on the control unit. Used with the supplied Graver Holder, the handpiece becomes a precision power engraver- no need for an air compressor or a flexible shaft drive. MH-011 Reciprocating Handpiece: Has a slender contoured grip and impact adjustment ring for precise hammering work. Operates from 0-5,000 strokes per minute. Specs- 6-1/4" overall length, 9/16" grip diameter, 1" motor diameter, 13oz/369 gr., 1.5 amps (115V) .75 amps (230V). H8-214 Graver Holder: Screws into the front end of the handiece and converts it into a power engraving tool. Comes with 5/64" allen key (graver not included). Accessories in Kit K.1080: 3-Anvil Points with Threaded Shanks p/n HP10177K 1-Adapter for Threaded Anvil Point p/n HPH8-32 (installed) 1-Adapter for Non-Threaded Shank Accessories p/n HPH8-35 1-Graver Holder with Allen Key p/n HPH8-214 1-5mm Open End Wrench p/n HPH8-38, Accessory Tray p/n A-AT-1, Handpiece Cradle p/n HP4-933, Spare Motor Brushes p/n HP813514, 2 Pins used to tighten Anvil Points, 1-Anvil Point Holder used for shaping the point.
The K.1020 Kit has extra power/torque that makes it great for deburring cast pieces, polishing, taking down weld seams, and moderate to heavy grinding and rapid stock removal in metal and wood. Excellent for various industrial and woodworking applications. Features: 20,000 RPM Max Speed High torque (9.24 oz.-in.), 60/50 Hz, 4.82 Amps DC Switch for either 110/120 or 220/240 voltage Dial Control and Foot Control for variable speed Forward or Reverse rotation Built in overload protection CE compliant One Year Limited Warranty Kit Includes: Control Unit, Handpiece, Variable Speed Foot Control, Handpiece Cradle, Chuck key with handle, and extra set of motor brushes. HP4-917 Control Unit has switches for On/Off Power, Forward/Reverse Rotation, and Manual/Foot Speed Control selection. Overload Protection turns on a red light and sounds a beeping alarm if the motor ever stalls. The Control Box Back has a voltage selector switch that lets you choose from 110/120 or 220/240 volt and receptacles for the Variable Speed Foot Control or Optional On/Off Foot Switch. This is the same control unit that comes in Micromotor Kits K.1070, K.1080 and K.1090. M.MH-120 Micro Grinder Handpiece has a geared 3-jaw #0 chuck that takes any size rotary accessory or drill bit with shanks up to 5/32² (4mm) diameter. If you already have a Foredom K.1070, K.1080, or K.1090 Micromotor Kit the H.MH-120 Micro Grinder Handpiece will work with the HP4-917 Control Box and HP4-960 Foot Control in those kits. Handpiece Specs: Length= 8-3/32" / 205.8mm, Weight= 1-lb. 2-0z. / 510 grams, Diameter= 1-1/64" / 26mm at chuck end.
Common spare parts for Micromotors
  CodePart Price ex. GST  
SP4174Foredom 1070 New Style Cable $60.00
SP4173Foredom 1070 Old Style Cable $60.00
  SP001/17Carbon brush for Foredom Asia Micromotor (pair) $18.00
  MO0163Foredom Micro Motor MH170 Brushes (pair) $40.00
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