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A range of self stick, string and fastening tags to label your jewellery.

Please note:

  • Sharkskin products are currently unavailable. We are unable to backorder.
  • We are sourcing a new range of string tags.
A range of self stick, string and fastening tags to label your jewellery.
ZETAGS tags for hand writing. Each pack comes with a free ZETAGS pen. 500 tags per pack.
  CodeColour Price ex. GST  
  RT222Silver $25.00
  RT223Gold $25.00
Available in white, gold and silver PVC. PVC tags are ultrasonic-proof when used with a permanent marker. Tags can be secured by hand. Sold by Packet.
  CodeShapePack QtySize (in)Size (mm)Colour Price ex. GST  
  RT0561-200Small DBL Round Tag2005/8"16mmGold $30.00
  RT0571-200Round2005/8"16mmGold $20.00
  RT0580-100Single End Round Tag1005/8"16mmWhite $10.00
  RT0580-200Single End Round Tag2005/8"16mmWhite $20.00
  RT0581-100Single End Round Tag1005/8"16mmGold $15.00
  RT0581-200Single End Round Tag2005/8"16mmGold $20.00
  RT0582-200Single End Round2005/8"16mmSilver $30.00
  RT0590-100Single End Oval1005/8"16mmWhite $15.00
  RT0590-200Single End Oval2005/8"16mmWhite $30.00
  RT0591-200Single End Oval Tag2005/8"16mmGold $20.00
  RT0592-100Single End Oval1005/8"16mmSilver $15.00
  RT0592-200Single End Oval2005/8"16mmSilver $30.00
  RT0594-100Single End Rectangle 100--White $15.00
  RT0594-200Single End Rectangle 200--White $20.00
Black on silver printed stickers. 24mm x 5mm. 40 per sheet. 12 sheets per pack. = 480 stickers.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  RTSTG $6.00
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