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All you need for storing grading and handling diamonds, Stone trays, parcel papers, Diamond Seives.

Also please see our range of Rossi Giovanni Diamond Tweezers, Gem storage containers and Display trays with velvet pads.

For setting, we have a great range of Setting Tools available
Assorted Tools
Bring out the best in your merchandise. These solid trays are black. Velvet pads are available. Tray measures 14-3/4" x 8-1/4" x 1".
  CodeDescription Price ex. GST  
  DI0537Tray without pad $15.50
  DI0538Black velvet pad $14.00
White or yellow pins have long, sharp points for pinning all types of jewelry to pads, trays, easels, etc. Sold in packets of 100.
  CodeDescription Price ex. GST  
  DI0560Silver $13.50
  DI0563Gold $12.60
Show off the beauty of a diamond inexpensively in these silver and gold prong setting displays. Your choice of short and long prong settings in either silver or gold. Sold individually.
  CodeDescription Price ex. GST  
  DI0100Silver, short prong $3.50
  DI0101Gold, short prong $3.50
  DI0102Silver, long prong $3.50
  DI0103Gold, long prong $3.50
Excellent for handling diamonds, pearls and other precious gemstones.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  MI0035 $6.50
50mm in diameter contains 42 Plates and a leather zip up case.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  MI33500 $240.00
Diamond Paper Wallets. These leather wallets are made of the finest kidskin. Soft leather wallets are the perfect way to carry stones in stone papers. Velvet lined and features a zipper closure for maximum security. Sold each. Papers not included, are available separately.
  CodeSizeInterior ColourExterior Colour Price ex. GST  
  MI095150mm x 90mm x 18mmBlackBlack $18.00
  DI1126159150mm x 90mm x 20mmBrownBlack $18.00
  DI1126209200mm x 90mm x 20mmBrownBlack $18.00
Gives maximum protection to stones. Fully felt-lined with elastic band to keep papers in proper order. Parcel Paper Travel Case For Jewelers & Storing Diamonds. This is a new parcel paper travel case. Great for jewelers and storing diamonds. Made of leather and felt. It measures approximately 6 x 3 1/2 x 1 3/4
  Code Price ex. GST  
  MI090 $35.00
Both super strong and extra soft. Used to wrap and protect other precious stones. Each measures 3" x 1 5/8". Diamond paper is available both in a box of 100 or packet of 25 sheets.
  CodeColoursQuantity Price ex. GST  
  MI30100White/White100 $29.00
  MI30101White/White25 $7.50
  MI30102Blue/White100 $40.00
  MI30103Blue/White25 $7.50
  MI30104Blue/Blue100 $32.00
  MI30105Blue/Blue25 $9.00
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