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Home Tools & Equipment Hammers & Mallets Assorted Hammers and Mallets
Form and shape metal without marring with this 2" domed face nylon hammer. Overall weight 8 oz.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  HM39400 $29.00
This handy, versatile hammer offers the best in quality and value and will not mar or leave a mark on your work piece. A dependable hammer for forming and bending; working on metals and wire. Durable, double-sided Nylon faced hammer with chrome plated base. Comfortable rubber grip plastic handle. Easy screw-off faces are simple to replace.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  HM37005 $12.00
Hammer Rubber-Plastic.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  HM39500 $16.00
Can be used for dapping, chasing and stamping
  CodeWeight Price ex. GST  
  HM000182lb (900g) $72.00
  HM000171lb (450g) $70.00
Large 10-3/4 nylon wedge hammer with one face 1-1/4 round and slightly domed used to flatten and shape sheet and wire with no risk of marring. The other side is wedge shaped for working tight areas. Head length 4-3/4. Weight 7 oz.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  HM39300 $22.00
Our most popular NON-REBOUND MALLET. Model with interchangeable nylon tips. Enamelled steel body. Hickory handle.
  CodeFace DiaHead LengthHead Weight Price ex. GST  
  HM200530 mm110 mm450 gm $82.00
  HM200630 mmSpare HeadSold seperately $7.00
Plexi glass mallet with replaceable face. Available in two different sizes.
  CodeFace DiameterHead LengthHead Weight Price ex. GST  
  HM2023For 28mmSpare HeadSold Each $4.00
  HM2021For 22 mm Spare HeadSold Each $3.00
Our German-made hammers with nylon faces offer the best in quality and value. Each hammer has a seasoned ash handle with a drop forged head and two durable high-impact nylon faces.
  CodeFace DiameterHead LengthHead Weight Price ex. GST  
  HM3600522 mm70 mm140 gm $24.50
  HM3650528 mm85 mm230 gm $28.50
Hammer Replacement Tip for HM36005
  Code Price ex. GST  
  HM36015 $10.00
Heads are made of the finest quality rawhide embedded in shellac for added durability. Mounted on harwood handle. Will not mar or scratch.
  Face DiaHead LengthHead WeightCode Price ex. GST  
  25 mm54 mm57 gmHM0070 $80.00
  32 mm70 mm113 gmHM0075 $63.00
  38 mm76 mm170 gmHM0080 $82.00
  44 mm79 mm255 gmHM0085 $135.00
  51 mm83 mm312 gmHM0090 $105.00
These durable non-porous mallets are great for those delicate jobs - will not scratch or mar and reduces shock on impact. The plastic head can be refaced by filing and sanding.
  CodeFace DiameterHead LengthHead Weight Price ex. GST  
  HM009532 mm77 mm115 gm $51.00
  HM006535 mm89 mm150 gm $39.00
  HM010048 mm90 mm165 gm $62.00
Made of the finest quality boxwood, one of the hardest woods available. These mallets are excellent for removing dents and straightening and flattening metals. Mounted on seasoned wood handle.
  CodeFace DiameterHead Length Price ex. GST  
  HM105432mm90mm $13.00
  HM105545mm110mm $15.50
  HM106052 mm124 mm $17.50
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