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Home Tools & Equipment Hammers & Mallets Assorted Hammers and Mallets
Master quality hammers have one large smooth face for striking chasing tools or planishing metal, and one round end for riveting or peening. Forged steel heads are mounted on round or pistol-type hardwood handles.
  Face DiameterHead LengthTotal WeightCode Price ex. GST  
  22 mm55 mm102 gmHM1070 $68.00
  25 mm58 mm140 gmHM1075 $72.00
  28 mm64 mm168 gmHM1080 $76.00
  32 mm67 mm188 gmHM1085 $82.00
Definitely you will want to have this hammer in your collection! Use when a good, precise Chasing hammer is needed. Crafted to last for years with a wedge-mounted, forged head on a hardwood handle. This German Style chasing hammer is a high quality tool. The handle is hardwood featuring a wedge and oblong hole to keep the head from turning. The face is flat and the pein side is slanted for better ergonomics when striking metal. This is a more popular style with European silversmiths and preferred by many worldwide. The 3 oz. head is high grade stainless steel which has been case-hardened for long life.
  CodeFace DiameterHead LengthHead Weight Price ex. GST  
  HM405028 mm58 mm155 gm $32.00
  HM407532 mm57 mm168 gm $34.00
Large flat face used to strike steel punches and chasing tools as well as flatten small objects. The ball pein style end is ideal for riveting and making decorative textures on metal. Forged steel head is mounted on a round hardwood handle
  Face Diameter Head Length Head Weight Code Price ex. GST  
  25 mm55 mm140 gmHM16000 $33.00
Economical quality hammers designed for silversmiths and ideal for craftsmen. Flat head is used to flatten, shape and form objects, or strike chasing tools. Round end is for forming decorative patterns and designs. Complete with hardwood handles.
  Face DiameterHead LengthHead WeightCode Price ex. GST  
  25 mm65 mm180 gmHM0005 $20.00
  29 mm66 mm210 gmHM0010 $25.00
  32 mm72 mm230 gmHM0015 $30.00
Choose from a variety of handles that fits your comfort level.
  ShapeCode Price ex. GST  
  PistolHM0025 $14.00
  RoundHM0030 $13.50
  OvalHM0035 $13.50
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