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Home Tools & Equipment Magnifiers & Optical Assorted Loupes
Still the finest quality head-mounted magnifier. Features a dial adjustment head band visor to fit any head size. Well made magnifier made of light, durable material. Optivisors easily fit over eyeglasses and are easier to use than loupes. Just flip the visor down when you need it and up when you don't. Adjustable pivot assembly on visor can be set to desired tension, so it will stay in place when tilted. Lenses are ground and polished optical magnifying glass, prismatic type.
  CodeLens No.Working Distance (Inches)Working Distance (mm)Magnification Price ex. GST  
  OP1100DA2205001-1/2X $120.00
  OP1105DA3143501-3/4X $145.00
  OP1110DA4102502X $137.50
  OP1115DA582002-1/2X $137.50
  OP1120DA761502-3/4X $165.00
  OP1125DA1041003-1/2X $150.00
Similar to using a standard eye loupe but much more convenient. The Optiloupe easily attaches to either side of your Optivisor with only one screw. Adds an additional 2-1/2 X power to the magnification of your Optivisor. When not in use, the Optiloupe easily swings up and out of the way.
Replacement lens plates for optivisors. Supplied with fasteners.
  CodeLens No.Working Distance (Inches)Working Distance (mm)Magnification Price ex. GST  
  OP1101DA2205001 1/2X $74.00
  OP1106DA3143501 3/4" X $100.00
  OP1111DA4102502X $80.00
  OP1116DA582002 1/2 X $105.00
  OP1121DA761502 3/4 X $100.00
  OP1126DA1041003 X $93.00
You'll be happy because perspiration in the eyes and forehead will be a thing of the past. This simple but handy pad is made of soft absorbent cotton. Easily attached with Velcro to any headband magnifier it can be washed and reused many times. Keep several on hand so you're never without because these are inexpensive. 3 per Pack
  CodePack Size Price ex. GST  
  OP11555Pack of 3 $19.95
Use to illuminate magnified viewing area from your OptiVisor. Hands free. Pivot light directly where needed. Twist to turn light on or off. "Xenon Laserbeam" with 6000 Candle Power. 5-6 hour battery life. Requires 2-AA batteries (not included).
  DescriptionCode Price ex. GST  
  Replacement BulbOP1161 $15.00
  Auxilliary LightOP1150 $56.00
The revolutionary Quasar LED lighting system is the best possible lighting solution available for your magnifying visor. The fixture snaps over the Optivisor lens plate and significantly increases visibility in any environment. Six strategically placed LEDs around the frame allow for unmatched clarity of image while decreasing and virtually eliminating shadows. The lightweight Quasar easily fits onto your magnifying visor and will run continuously for weeks on a single set of batteries. Includes 2 AA batteries.
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