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Home Tools & Equipment GRS BenchMate Systems GRS Thermolock
Work-Holding System for Jewelers
BenchMate is a powerful holding system that stabilizes stone setting, speeds up soldering and simplifies jewelry repair. BenchMate reduces the hand force needed to set stones. You can set more stones per day and do a nicer job with less strain and greater confidence.
Special attachments turn BenchMate into an advanced soldering aid. Youll finish jobs like prong retipping, shank repair and ring sizing, faster. BenchMate simplifies complex jewelry fabrication and torch work, making you a better jeweler.
Using BenchMate requires no major change to your work methods. Just fasten the tapered Fixed Mounting Plate on the front of your bench. This plate mates with every BenchMate attachment including: Basic BenchMate Holder, Bench Pin, Engraving Vise Shelf, Sawing Plate, BenchMate Vise, Double Soldering Station. To change attachments, you lift them up and off the tapered Fixed Mounting Plate. It takes three seconds and requires no tools. This patented system keeps your work centered in front of your bench at the right height. Youll maintain good body posture for greater comfort throughout the day.
The Basic BenchMate Holder tilts and rotates to any position while you work on rings, pendants, earrings, and other jewelry. Its jaws hold both jewelry and other attachments including: Narrow Solder Fingers, Wide Solder Fingers, Shellac Pads, Pitch Cup, and 4" (100mm) Solder Station. The holder moves freely in all directions, or you can add selective resistance by tightening the pivot knobs. You can also lock it solidly in any position. The BenchMate Holder moves only when and where you want. This eliminates accidental slips that can ruin your work or injure you.
For use with shelving, BenchMate, and MultiPurpose Vise Systems.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  GRS04557 $45.00
Slides on and off a Fixed Mounting Plate (GRS04557). Replaceable wood pin. Can be used with the BenchMate system for easier bench work. Doesn't include the mounting plate.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  GRS04556 $72.50
Work is held steadily in place yet easily repositionable to accommodate a range of techniques and jobs. The new BenchMate Encore QC arm measures 6″ and has a cutout for superior access angles and better clearance when using tools. Adjust the relieved arm to a lower or higher vertical position for maximum comfort and control. The handrest can be quickly attached to either side.Basic Package includes the BenchMate Encore QC with handrest, one (1) Fixed Mounting Plate (#004-557), Encore QC Accessory Pack with 4 Extra Plastic Jaws (#004-558), 2 wrenches (5/32″ Allen and 3/16″ hex), and 5 mounting screws.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  GRS04839 $695.00
For attaching Fixed Mounting Plate to curved or thin bench tops.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  GRS04559 $75.00
Recommended for use with the Standard Block or MagnaBlock. This shelf’s height adjustability is 1″ (24.5 mm). Engravers ball not included
  Code Price ex. GST  
  GRS04578 $180.00
  CodeDescription Price ex. GST  
  GRS04557Fixed Mounting Plate (C) $45.00
  GRS04559Optional Mounting Adapter (B) $75.00
  GRS04581BenchMate Ring Clamp (A) $140.00
  GRS04558Extra Plastic Jaws (10 Pack) (J) $19.00
  GRS04556Bench Pin Kit (K) $72.50
  GRS04546Third Hand Attachment (L) $66.50
  GRS04578Standard Engraving Vice Shelf (vice not included) (N) $180.00
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