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Home Tools & Equipment Tumblers Raytech Magnetic Tumblers
Rotary Barrel Tumblers
Professional quality tumbler features a larger, more powerful, continuous-duty, fan-cooled motor with overload protection. Steel hexagon barrel with removable liner ensures long, efficient and quiet operation. 15 lbs (6.8 kg) capacity, with a five year warranty on the barrel and liner.
3 lb. capacity tumbler features a heavy gauge steel base, water-tight, moulded rubber barrel, and thermally protected motor.
Versatile, two barrel 6 lbs. capacity tumbler uses two 3 lbs. long-life, moulded rubber barrels. Ideal for small batches of jewellery. Continuous-duty, fan-cooled motor with overload protection.
  CodeDescription Price ex. GST  
  TU0150Tumbler 3lb Double Barrel $660.00
Replacement parts for tumblers
  CodePartFits Price ex. GST  
TU078003Tumbler Motor Onlyfor TU0100/TU0150/TU0780 $218.00
TU0103Barrel Sealing O Ringfor TU0100/TU0150 $9.00
TU078002Replacement drive beltfor TU0100/TU0150/TU0780 $15.50
TU0784Replacement barrelfor TU0100/TU0150 $70.00
TU0102Idler Shaftfor TU0100 $9.00
  TU078202Idler Shaftfor TU0150 $20.00
  TU078201Drive Shaft with Pullyfor TU0150 $30.00
TU0101Drive Shaft w/Pulleyfor TU0100 $26.00
TU0783Replacement Large Barrelfor TU0780 $250.00
TU078001Idler Shaft for TU0780 $20.00
  TU078006Driveshaft and Pullyfor TU0780 $38.00
TU078005Spare Large Barrel Liner Onlyfor TU0780 $180.00
Replacement Parts for Lortone Tumblers
  CodePartFits Price ex. GST  
TU0157BeltLortone 3A 3lb Tumbler $10.00
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