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Home Tools & Equipment Tumblers Raytech Magnetic Tumblers
Magnetic Tumbler and Seperator
The New Raytech Centrifugal Magnetic Finisher Awaits You Magnetic Finishing presents itself as the pinnacle of methods to efficiently burnish and polish small non-ferrous metals. With media as small as .010 in diameter and .250 in length, these stainless steel pins are able to work in areas such as undercuts, recesses, slots, etc., where no previous method has been found suitable. Centrifugal Magnetic Finishing is quiet by comparison to many other forms of finishing Typically, on soft non-ferrous metals, the finishing cycle can be as low as 30 minutes. This alone assures faster turnaround time on parts when compared to any other method. Centrifugal magnetic tumbling as an automated process addresses the most intricate and detailed parts imaginable in finishes where others fail. It should be noted that on large, smooth or flat surfaces the finish will appear frosted and a slight buffing or a run in a dry finisher is recommended. What is a Centrifugal Magnetic Finisher? The machine has a direct, fan cooled drive. The magnetic disk is made up of many powerful magnets that are precisely placed in cast disk. The alternating polarity is constantly changing, thereby allowing the media to move freely in a liquid solution that constantly changes its makeup. This, combined with centrifugal force, allows for super quiet and fast time cycles.
Raytech's smallest capacity Magnetic Finisher has a 4" diameter chamber that finishes the equivalent of 8-10 rings. The machine comes complete with an ample amount of pins and compound. Pin capacity is 100 grams. The CMF-400 has a fixed speed complete with mechanical timer and moulded bowl and cover. Model CMF-400 has a 1/32 HP motor, 1.0 amp at 230V, 50Hz. Shipping weight is 17 lb., 1.0 cu.ft.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  TU0660 $2300.00
Raytech's Model CMF-610 is the former Model CMF-600. Designed to integrate programmable functions. Variable speed, forward/reverse. Timer functions are easily programmed to suit your cycle times. The Model CMF-610 has a 6" molded bowl with cover and carries a pin capacity of 200 grams and a parts equivalent to 20-30 rings. Pins and compound are included. Model CMF-610 has a 1/12 HP motor, 1.25 amps at 230V, 50 Hz.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  TU0662 $5250.00
Exclusive design by Raytech which eliminates tedious separation of parts from media. Magnetic Separators can be placed in water to separate the parts. No need to drain water as separator will not rust. Mates with CMF-400 & CMF-600/620.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  TU0665 $235.00
Spare Parts for Raytech Magnetic Finishers
  CodePartFits Price ex. GST  
  TU06621Carbon BrushesCMF610 $35.00
  TU0661Carbon BrushesCMF400 $45.00
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