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Cleaning up jewellery after lost wax casting is best accomplished using a polishing machine and buffing wheels. Find everything you need for polishing and cleaning gold silver and platinum jewellery and other metal items. From Dialux polish and buffing compounds to dust collectors and a wide selection of polishing cloths.

Looking for polishing wheels?

From the popular Dialux range through to the Nikko Japanese platinum compounds, We have a polishing compound to suit.
Dixon Grobet Platinum Tripoli. Very popular for use with split laps. Great for platinum and hard metals.
  CodeApproximate weight Price ex. GST  
PO04842 pounds (0.9 kg) $35.00
A final polishing compound that will achieve a very high shine on Platinum and Palladium White Gold's. Very fine polishing grains are bound in a synthetic carrier that will produce excellent results.
This NIKKO abrasive for platinum and white gold, which is the most popular in Japan, other Asian countries, and the U.S, has a superior degreasing power and the finished surface after using it is beyond comparison with other ones. There are eight types compounds from base polish, intermediate finish, final finish, to polish available to fit application.
PT' Platinum Polish - T890023 Guru Made in Japan, PICASSO blue Polish is a superior hard compound used for the final stage of polishing platinum. It produces a high mirror finish on platinum.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PO1046 $25.00
Polishes and Protects: Guard your precious pieces against the damaging effects of humidity, heat, dust, environmental destruction, aging and ordinary wear. RENAISSANCE WAX provides a barrier against fingerprints and the devastation of water, wine, alcohol and other spills. With its high moisture resistance, it forms a durable, lustrous protective coating. Prevents tarnish, corrosion and "bloom;" remains completely waterproof; retards weathering on exteriors and objects exposed to climatic abrasion
  CodeSizeCapacity Price ex. GST  
  PO2Small65ml $39.99
  PO7Large200ml $78.00
A 1 pound cannister of Powdered Red Rouge. Red Rouge For platinum, gold and silver.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PO0510 $28.00
Silicon Carbide Powder
  CodeGritQuantity Price ex. GST  
  TU60150150250g $15.00
  TU6008080250g $15.00
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PO0100 $29.00
French-made Dialux polishing compounds are highly refined and leave behind brilliant finishes. Dialux compounds are specially formulated for excellent adhesion to buffs and brushes, so a little bit goes a long way. Bars measure 4" x 4" x 1-1/8" and weigh approximately 100 grams each.
  CodeName Description Price ex. GST  
PO0405Dialux Rouge (Red)This is premium polishing compound formulated especially for gold and silversmiths. Rouge in French means red and this is the original rouge. Used for super-finishing yellow coloured metals especially gold. Made in France $10.00
PO0420Dialux Jaune (Yellow)This is a premium polishing compound formulated especially for gold and silversmiths. For bright high polish of soft metals such as brass, bronze and copper. Plastics and enamels. Made in France $7.00
PO0430Dialux Gris (Grey)Recommended for fine polishing of stainless steel. Made in France $8.00
PO0415Dialux Blanc (White)For high polish of all metals. Europes most popular polishing compound. $8.00
PO0435Dialux Vornex (Orange)Pre-polishing Tripoli for all metals. Can be used for eliminating small surface traces. $8.50
PO0410Dialux Bleu (Blue)Super fine lutre polish, Can be used on Gold Silver and pearls. $8.50
PO0440Dialux 7 Bar KitThis assortment contains one bar of each of the seven French polishing compounds providing everything needed for all the metals used in jewellery and watchmaking, as well as plastics. A great addition to any workshop. $55.00
PO0445Dialux BlackDialux Black Silver Super Finishing Compound is designed specifically for super finishing silver and to be used on felts and cotton. $8.50
Cannings AA Rouge Dry rouge for final high polish on gold and silver.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PO0400 $18.00
Cannings Radio Rouge Sticky rouge for final polishing Gold and Silver
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PO0315 $24.00
This Swiss compound leaves a mirror finish, without excessive residue for easy clean up. It is made to polish very hard, high-quality stainless steel and platinum.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PO5751 $14.50
Provides a high-lustre finish on all types of precious and decorative metals. Special formulation removes light scratches and produces a fast, mirror-bright, final finish without discolouration. Grease-less dry but not dusty, which means fast and easy clean-up with little or no residue.
  CodeSizes Price ex. GST  
  PO03121/4 lb. tube $15.50
  PO03131 lb. tube $31.00
Formulated especially for silver and turquoise jewelry. Will not scratch soft stones such as turquoise. Time-saving to use, since stones do not have to be removed before buffing a new piece. Leaves a high luster without residue. Fast clean-up, does not cling to or penetrate surface of stones. Versatile, many goldsmith prefer ZAM to rouge as a final finish.
  CodeSizes Price ex. GST  
  PO05021/4 lb. tube $16.00
  PO05031 lb. tube $36.00
Every watch repair can have a crystal that looks brand new. Easy to use; wheel is charged with compound and crystal is then gently buffed. 1/4 lb. bar.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PO0600 $17.00
General purpose primary polishing compound will remove scratches. Leaves metal with dull finish.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PO0300 $12.00
Aggressive cutting action on all metals. The brown compound removes scratches and smooths the surface. Used with a treated yellow buff or brush.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PO0210 $20.00
White Final polishing compound for silver and s/steel.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PO0310 $18.00
Grey Primary polish for mild steel, stainless steel. Gives semi-mirror finish.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PO0305 $15.00
In the wet process, compounds are added to the disc-finishing machines. During the grinding process, they provide the work pieces with a clean, bright and non-corroded surface.
  CodeQuantity Price ex. GST  
  TU30051 Litre $60.00
Intended for use with hand buffs, brushes, felts and wood laps. Can be mixed with water or fine oil to form a paste that will impart a high lustre. Red Rouge For platinum, gold and silver. Tin Oxide Used for lens polishing and other glassware, as well as fine steel. Linde A Used with precious gems, gold, silver and other metals. Ruby Powder Gives a high lustre to platinum, gold, steel, precious stones, pearl, ivory, horn shell and porcelain. Pumice Powder Used for scrubbing, cleaning or polishing.
  CodeTypeApprox. Shipping Weight Price ex. GST  
  PO0402Pumice-Medium-80 mesh1 lb. $59.00
Bottle of pumice powder for soldering or polishing
  CodeQuantity Price ex. GST  
  PO20491kg $19.99
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