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GRS Magnablock gives you outstanding quality, strength and convenience. Weighing 30 lbs. (13,7kg), this extra-heavy block adds more stability to your work, especially when using power tools or chasing hammers. Inside Magnablock is a massive ball and roller bearing system that always turns smoothly and prevents internal wear. Magnablock includes the GRS rotational brake which lets you adjust the rotational resistance... from free to solidly locked. All surfaces are specially finished for low glare to reduce your eye strain. Magnablock jaws have replaceable threads, another GRS exclusive. Every major part is machined from solid steel; no cast metal is used. Magnablock is a lifetime investment for your work. You'll be pleased with this heavy block and the work it helps you do. Specifications: Block weight - 30 lbs. (13,7kg) Ball diameter - 5.8" (147mm) Jaw width - 3" (76mm) Jaw height - 1.8" (46mm) Max. opening - 3.5" (89mm) Ship weight - 33 lbs. (15kg)
Includes leather-faced ring clamps plus a variety of pins and other clamps that fit the upper jaw plates of every GRS Block. These 30 pieces help you instantly solve the problems of holding, so you can start working.
The new GRS Microblock Ball Vice is the latest product in a broad line of precision work-holding tools. Like larger GRS vices, the Microblock is machined from solid stainless steel. It is finished with a special low glare treatment to reduce eye strain. This new vice was designed for a unique combination of solid work support in a small and manoeuvrable size. The smooth self-centring jaw system is perfect for stone setting, small engraving jobs and other precision work. An adjustable internal brake system lets the user choose the amount of rotational resistance from totally free to fully locked and anywhere in between. The Microblock's low profile and compact design is especially suited for microscope work or other situations where the size of a larger vice is an obstacle. Block weight - 4 lbs. (1.8kg) Ball diameter - 3.1" (80mm) Jaw width - 1.8" (46mm) Jaw height - .87" (22mm) Max opening - 2" (50mm) Ship weight - 5 lbs. (2.3kg)
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  GRS03684 $950.00
The Multi-Purpose Vice uses the versatile lift on/lift off BenchMate mounting system. Unlike other bench vices, you can adjust it to any angle because it tilts and rotates ON two axes. So, your work adjusts to you, adding comfort and efficiency to your environment. By using the same attachments as the GRS engraving block, the Multi-Purpose Vice solves dozens of holding problems. It is precision-made from steel for rugged dependability. You'll wonder why all bench vices aren't made this way.
Includes 30-piece attachment set, two pin plates and 4 jaw pins.
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  GRS03520MPV $355.00
Many wide, delicate or unusual rings are difficult to hold with an outside clamp. This attachment adds inside ring-holding capability to any BenchMate. It gives 200% more access to the outside of the ring and keeps it from flexing while you work. Channel, bead and bezel settings are surprisingly easy using this inside holder. From the set of collets, you select the closest size that fits inside the ring. The screw expands the collet to hold the ring securely. These hard plastic collets wont scratch or mark rings. With an extra collet set (GRS04616), you can double-stack collets for extremely wide rings or hold several rings simultaneously for high volume work.
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  GRS04589 $265.00
These fixtures securely hold rings from the inside, giving you easy access for stone setting and ring engraving. Use in any GRS Block and most vices. Both include holder body, 7 collets, expansion cone, screws and wrench.
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GRS04579 $230.00
Includes 7 collets, expansion screw and wrench. Set is compatible with the Horizontal Inside Ring Holder (GRS04679), and Inside Ring Mandrel (GRS04589)
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  GRS04616 $99.00
GRS Shellac Pad, For use with shellac when using the BenchMate.
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  GRS04106 $12.50
GRS Soldering Tweezers Shape V. These Third-Hand Fingers are great for jewelry work using the Third Hand Attachments.
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  GRS04552 $14.00
GRS Soldering Tweezers Shape U
  Code Price ex. GST  
  GRS04553 $14.00
Sold as a set of 2 These leather-faced ring clamps let GRS Blocks hold rings securely from the outside for setting stones, bright cutting, engraving, and finishing while using a block. Included in the 520 Attachment Set
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GRS3550 Price on request
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