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10oz, 100gm, 50gm, 1oz, 20gm, 10gm, 5gm Gold Bullion Minted Bars
Available in seven sizes, gold bullion minted bars portray a struck version of The Perth Mint logo and carry an inscription of their weight and purity. Decorated on the back with kangaroo motifs, each minted bar comes in a serial numbered, tamper-proof display card.

Our most commonly stocked and readily available sizes are listed below.
  DescriptionGold Content (Troy oz)Minimum Weight (g)PurityDimensions  
Perth Mint 5gm Gold Minted Bullion Bar0.165.00199.99%23.6mm x 14.60mm
Perth Mint 10gm Gold Minted Bullion Bar0.3210.00199.99%25.6mm x 15.60mm
Perth Mint 20gm Gold Minted Bullion Bar0.64020.00099.99%31mm x 18mm
Perth Mint 1oz Gold Minted Bullion Bar131.10799.99%41.6mm x 24.6mm
Perth Mint 50gm Gold Minted Bullion Bar1.6075099.99%47mm x 27mm
Perth Mint 100gm Gold Minted Bullion Bar3.21510099.99%47mm x 27mm
Perth Mint 10oz Gold Minted Bullion Bar10.000311.05099.99%58mm x 37mm
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