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Regal Collection Rings are designed and manufactured from seamless bands for greater strength and durability.

All of our rings are made to order by our highly skilled New Zealand technicians.

All rings made by Regal are guaranteed unconditionally against the unlikely occurrence of faulty materials and workmanship.
Classic Rings
Fitting flush against your finger, our Flat Fit inside profile creates a square edge for a clean look and tight fit. this option accomodates the lighter weight styles.
  CodeProfileFitThicknessAvailable Widths  
6H1-9YClassic Half roundFlat Fit1mm1mm - 14mm
6H2-9YClassic Half roundFlat Fit1.2mm1mm - 14mm
6H3-9YClassic Half roundFlat Fit1.4mm1mm - 14mm
6H4-9YClassic Half roundFlat Fit1.8mm1mm - 14mm
6HF-9YSlight Half Round Flat SidesFlat Fit1.6mm1mm - 14mm
6R1Light Weight Half RoundFlat Fit0.85mm1mm - 14mm
6RBSlight Half Round BevelFlat Fit1mm1mm - 14mm
6RSSlight Half Round StepFlat Fit1mm1mm-14mm
6LRSlight Half Radius EdgeFlat Fit1.2mm1mm-14mm
6B1Light Weight Flat BevelFlat Fit1.2mm1mm-14mm
6FFlatFlat Fit1mm1mm-14mm
6BFlat BevelFlat Fit1mm1mm-14mm
6FSFlat StepFlat Fit1mm1mm-14mm
6FEFlat Radius EdgeFlat Fit1mm1mm-14mm
Soft Fit inside profile rings are made with a curved inner chamfer for increased comfort whilst maintaining a flat centre
  CodeProfileFitThicknessAvailable Widths  
6ZH1Classic Half RoundSoft Fit1.2mm1mm-14mm
6ZH2Classic Half RoundSoft Fit1.4mm1mm-14mm
6ZH3Classic Half RoundSoft Fit1.6mm1mm-14mm
ZH4Classic Half RoundSoft Fit2.0mm1mm-14mm
6ZHFSlight Half Round Flat SidesSoft Fit1.8mm1mm-14mm
ZRBSlight Half Round Flat SidesSoft Fit1.8mm1mm-14mm
6ZRSSlight Half Round StepSoft Fit1.2mm1mm-14mm
6ZLRSlight Half Round Radius EdgeSoft Fit1.4mm1mm-14mm
6ZFFlatSoft Fit1.2mm1mm-14mm
ZBFlat BevelSoft Fit1.2mm1mm-14mm
ZFSFlat StepSoft Fit1.2mm1mm-14mm
6ZFEFlat Radius EdgeSoft Fit1.2mm1mm-14mm
Comfort Fit inside profile rings are made with a fully curved internal surface. Providing an extremely comfortable fit and a silky smooth feel.
  CodeProfileFitThicknessAvailable Widths  
6CH1Classic Half Round Comfort fit1.4mm2mm-10mm
6CH2Classic Half RoundComfort Fit1.6mm2mm-10mm
6CH3Classic Half RoundComfort Fit1.8mm2mm-10mm
6CH4Classic Half RoundComfort Fit2.0mm2mm-10mm
6CHFSlight Half Round Flat SidesComfort fit1.8mm2mm-10mm
6CRBSlight Half Round BevelComfort Fit1.5mm2mm-10mm
6CRSSlight Half Round StepComfort Fit1.5mm2mm-10mm
6CLRSlight Half Round Radius EdgeComfort Fit1.6mm2mm-10mm
6CFFlatComfort Fit1.3mm2mm-10mm
6CBFlat BevelComfort Fit1.3mm2mm-10mm
6CFSFlat StepComfort Fit1.5mm2mm-10mm
6CFEFlat Radius EdgeComfort Fit1.5mm2mm-10mm
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