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Curb Bracelets
  CodeDescriptionAverage Weight (9ct)Clasp OptionsAvailable Alloys CaratAvailable Alloys Colour  
B7300140 Curb with Acorn13gmParrot9ct, 18ctY,W,R, T/T
B7301160 Curb with Acorn18gmParrot9ct, 18ctY,W,R, T/T
B7302180 Curb with Acorn22gmParrot, Padlock9ct, 18ctY,W,R, T/T
B7303200 Curb with Acorn26gmParrot, Padlock9ct, 18ctY,W,R, T/T
B8012Oval Curb with Acorn16gmParrot, Padlock9ct, 18ctY,W,R, T/T
B8013Double Curb 15029gmBoltring9ct, 18ctY,W,R, T/T
B8044Double Curb with Celtic Weave26gmBoltring9ct, 18ctY,W,R, T/T
B8048Small Oval Double Curb19gmBoltring9ct, 18ctY,W,R, T/T
B8049Medium Oval Double Curb25gmBoltring9ct, 18ctY,W,R, T/T
B8014Celtic Weave and Oval Curb18gmParrot, Boltring9ct, 18ctY,W,R, T/T
B8025Celtic Weave with Round Curb23gmParrot, Boltring9ct, 18ctY,W,R, T/T
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