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Bracelets Clasps
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  CodeDescriptionAverage Weight (9ct)Available Alloys CaratAvailable Alloys Colour  
9C702013mm Padlock3.3gm9ct, 18ctY, W, R
9C701214.5mm Padlock4.7gm9ct, 18ctY, W, R
9C701117.5mm Padlock5.5gm9ct, 18ctY, W, R
9C701520mm Padlock7.7gm9ct, 18ctY, W, R
9C706012mm Parrot Clasp1gm9ct, 18ctY, W, R
9C708516mm Parrot Clasp1.9gm9ct, 18ctY, W, R
9C705823mm Parrot Clasp3.2gm9ct, 18ctY, W, R
9P002213.5mm Premium Push Button Padlock5.7gm9ct, 18ctY, W, R
9P002317mm Premium Push Button Padlock8.2gm9ct, 18ctY, W, R
70273114mm Deluxe Bolt Ring1.9gm9ct, 18ctY, W, R
70273216mm Deluxe Bolt Ring2.7gm9ct, 18ctY, W, R
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