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5pc Metal Shaping Punch Set. Domed Wooden Punches In Assorted Sizes. This set includes five domed wooden punches. Each punch is gently domed with a smooth finish. For forming and doming sheet metal, removing dents and shaping cases. For use with wooden shaping blocks. Measurements: 3 3/4 inch in length. Features: Diameters include 2", 1.5", 1", 0.75" and 0.625. The wood pieces will not scratch or mar precious metals This set includes five domed wooden punches
  Code Price ex. GST  
  DP14005 $25.00
Large Shaping Block features TWO round 5 depressions -23 and 28mm deep- and four u-channel grooves along the length of two sides. Made of wood this block will hold up to heavy gauge metals without the risk of marring. 6" x 6" x 2-1/2"
  Code Price ex. GST  
  DB1239 $65.00
Made of hard wood to prevent scratching or marring, this sturdy forming block has seven oval depressions. Blocks measure 6.25" x 4" x 1.25.
  CodeShape Price ex. GST  
DB0157Oval $40.00
DB0156Pear $38.00
Set of 24 punches. An economical set of punches in handy sizes ranging from: 10.5mm - 24.5mm
  CODE Price ex. GST  
  DP1139 $28.00
Sizes: 25.4, 22.2, 15.9, 12.7, 9.5, 6.4 mm Use to make large jump rings and to create curves and loops in wire jewelry designs. Ideal for continuous circle aluminium wire jewelry projects Set includes 6 round wooden mandrels in a compact labeled storage case Dowel diameters range from 1/4" to 1" (6.4 - 25.4mm)
  Code Price ex. GST  
  MA301 $13.50
Unique hardwood block for shaping metals and removing dents. Channel shapes include five different diameter semicircles, two different "V's", and two different boxes. Also includes four different dishes. Measures 2-3/4" (70 mm) on all sides.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  DB1240 $25.00
Hardwood block and two punches for shaping lockets, cases, and removing dents. Block measures 2-1/4" (57 mm) on all sides, with shallow depressions of different sizes on each face.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  DB650 $13.00
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