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Earring Studs - 2002 - 4 & 6 claw
  7004751.5mm1.5pt49ct Yellow Gold
  7031701.5mm1.5/2pt49ct Yellow Gold
  7031711.7mm2/3pt49ct Yellow Gold
  7004812.0mm3pt49ct Yellow Gold
  7009372.5mm6pt49ct Yellow Gold
  7031752.8mm8pt49ct Yellow Gold
  7031762.9mm10pt49ct Yellow Gold
  7005053.4mm15pt 49ct Yellow Gold
  7031783.4mm15/17pt49ct Yellow Gold
  7031793.8mm20/25pt49ct Yellow Gold
  7005113.8mm20pt49ct Yellow Gold
  7005174.1mm24pt49ct Yellow Gold
  7031804.5mm35pt49ct Yellow Gold
  7004771.5mm1.5pt 4 9ct White Gold
  7031591.7mm2/3pt 49ct White Gold
  7031612.4mm5pt49ct White Gold
  7004952.7mm7/8pt49ct White Gold
  7005012.9mm10pt49ct White Gold
  7031663.4mm15/17pt 49ct White Gold
  7005073.4mm15pt 49ct White Gold
  7005194.1mm24pt 49ct White Gold
  7005254.2mm30/40pt 49ct White Gold
  7031684.5mm35pt49ct White Gold
  7031694.7mm40/50pt 49ct White Gold
  7035262.4mm5pt418ct White Gold
  7035272.5mm6/7pt 418ct White Gold
  7035282.9mm10pt418ct White Gold
  7048543.25mm13pt 4 18ct White Gold
  7035293.4mm15/17pt 4 18ct White Gold
  7035303.8mm20/25pt 418ct White Gold
  7035314.5mm35pt 418ct White Gold
  7035324.7mm40/50pt418ct White Gold
  7005292.4mm5pt69ct Yellow
  7005352.8mm8pt69ct Yellow
  7005413.4mm15pt69ct Yellow
  7005473.8mm20pt69ct Yellow
  7005534.1mm25pt69ct Yellow
  7005594.7mm40pt69ct Yellow
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