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Earring Studs - Double Bezel
  7007691.7mm2pt9ct Yellow Gold
  7031831.7mm2-3pt9ct Yellow Gold
  7031842.0mm3-4pt9ct Yellow Gold
  7031852.4mm5pt9ct Yellow Gold
  7031862.5mm6-7pt9ct Yellow Gold
  7031872.8mm8pt9ct Yellow Gold
  7031882.9mm10pt9ct Yellow Gold
  7031893.25mm13pt9ct Yellow Gold
  7031903.4mm15/17pt9ct Yellow Gold
  7031913.8mm20/25pt9ct Yellow Gold
  7031924.5mm35pt9ct Yellow Gold
  7031934.7mm40/50pt9ct Yellow Gold
Double Bezel Studs 9WG
  7031011.7mm1.5/2pt9ct White Gold
  7031021.7mm2-3pt9ct White Gold
  7007772.0mm3pt9ct White Gold
  7031032.2mm3-4pt9ct White Gold
  7031042.4mm5pt9ct White Gold
  7031062.8mm8pt9ct White Gold
  7031072.9mm10pt9ct White Gold
  7031083.25mm13pt9ct White Gold
  7031093.4mm15/17pt9ct White Gold
  7031103.8mm20pt9ct White Gold
  7008074.1mm25pt9ct White Gold
  7031114.5mm35pt9ct White Gold
  7031124.7mm40-50pt9ct White Gold
Double Bezel Studs 18WG
  7048841.7mm 2-3pt18ct White Gold
  7030542.4mm5pt18ct White Gold
  7038632.8mm8pt18ct White Gold
  7048862.9mm10pt18ct White Gold
  7038643.4mm15-17pt18ct White Gold
  7035383.8mm20-25pt18ct White Gold
  7038654.5mm35pt18ct White Gold
  7038664.7mm40-50pt18ct White Gold
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