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Goldleaf 23 Ct 85mm Plain loose sheet 25x Gold Leaf
  7GL23ctGoldleaf 23 Ct 85mm Plain loose sheet85 x 85mm0.125µm25xPrice On Application
Gold Foil for Keum 23.5 Ct. Keum Boo foil is sturdier and thicker than standard gold leaf and other foils, making it easier to handle and apply to silver work. This single sheet of 23.5ct Yellow Gold Keum Boo foil measures 3.5" x 3.5" (88.9mm x 88.9mm). It is 2.5 microns thick, making it approximately 25 times thicker than standard gold leaf. This Gold Foil weighs approximately 0.4 grams.
  CodeAlloyDimensionsPack QuantityThicknessPrice  
  7GLK23.5ct89 x 89mm12.5µmPrice on Application
Goldleaf Transfer
  CodeAlloyPack QuantityThicknessDimensionsPrice  
  7GLT23ct25 Sheets0.1µm Approx80 x 80mmPrice on Application
Silver Leaf. Contains 25 sheets per packet. The grade used for the leaf is 'fine silver'. This silver leaf is not transfer leaf, it is plain and needs to be picked up and placed - not rubbed onto the surface. Use with Gold Size & Agate Burnisher
  7SLSilver Leaf 85mm Plain Loose Leaf Booklet25Price On Application
Silver Foil. This single sheet of Fine Silver Foil (999) for enamel work can be used to create a shimmering background effect for transparent enamels, or a finishing effect for an opaque enamel base coat. To use, a base coat of either enamel flux (also known as colourless transparent enamel) or your chosen enamel colour should be applied to the piece. The silver foil is then adhered to the pre-fired layer of enamel with the aid of an adhesive or gum before re-firing at the same firing temperature as the base layer. This causes the foil to adhere to the base layer. Further layers of transparent enamels can then be applied over the silver foil as desired. This single sheet of silver foil measures 100mm x 100mm and is approximately 0.1 microns thick. Supplied between two sheets of waxed paper for easier handling and application.
  7SF100 x 100mm0.1µmPrice on application
Goldleaf Glue 75ml (Gold Size). Adhesive for use with Gold Leaf. Gold size is white spirit based, making it easier to thin down to help correct errors. Size becomes tacky (ready to use) after 20-30 minutes, and will remain tacky for up to 3 hours.
  CodeVolume Price ex. GST  
  7GLG75ml Price on request
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