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Home Tools & Equipment Buffs & Felts Berry Buffs
Knife-edge, square and pointed buffs under 1" (25.4mm) in size.

See our Miniature Buff Assortment and Assorted Miniature Mandrels Pages for suitable mandrels for these buffs

All are 1" (25.4mm) diameter. Mounted buffs have a 2.35mm shank. Mounted Chemkote are for Tripoli use only. Mounted Muslin is for Rouge and also Tripoli. Sold in packets of 3 and 12.
  CodeTypePacket Qty Price ex. GST  
  BRTEMP62Mounted Muslin3 $6.00
  BRTEMP63Mounted Muslin12 $18.00
  BRTEMP60Mounted Chemkote3 $6.00
  BRTEMP61Mounted Chemkote12 $14.70
Contains two 3/32" mandrels (which can be used on flex shafts) and six of our most popular items: 1 chamois buff, 1 muslin wheel, 1 felt cone, and 3 felt wheels. Packaged in a handy plastic box. Sold Per set.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  BRTEMP64 $12.50
Mounted buffs on 3/32" (2.4 mm) mandrels. Great for texturing small pieces. Maximum 30,000 RPM recommended.
  CodeDiameter (in)Diameter (mm)GradePacket Qty Price ex. GST  
  BF09013/4"19.05mmFine12 $18.00
  BF09023/4"19.05mmMedium12 $20.00
  BRTEMP561"25.4mmFine3 $6.00
  BRTEMP571"25.4mmFine12 $18.00
  BRTEMP581"25.4mmMedium3 $6.00
  BRTEMP591"25.4mmMedium12 $20.00
  CodeShapeDiameter (in)Diameter (mm)Pack Quantity Price ex. GST  
FE01153Solid Felt1"25.4mm3 $90.00
FE01203Cone--3 $9.50
FE01213Cylinder--3 $114.01
FE01223Round--3 $72.00
FE01233Bud--3 $10.00
FE01243Pointed--3 $99.61
FE0124013Inverted11/15"18.626mm3 $108.00
FE0124023Inverted13/15"22.01mm3 $115.20
FE0124033Knife11/16"17.46mm3 $160.09
FE0124043Knife13/15"22.01mm3 $90.00
FE0124053Square11/16"17.46mm3 $79.20
FE0124063Square13/16"20.64mm3 $180.00
Mounted felts. Hard. 2.3mm Mandrel
  CodePack Size Price ex. GST  
  FE101233 $7.50
Felt Polisher - Cylinder Extra Hard
  CodePack Size Price ex. GST  
  FE101133 $72.00
  FE07500833 $9.48
  FE0750081212 $28.50
Mounted Felt Soft 3 Ply
Mounted Felts TPF series
  CodeTypePack Qty Price ex. GST  
  FE10013TPF0013 $8.00
  FE10023TPF0023 $8.00
  FE10033TPF0033 $8.00
  FE10053TPF0053 Price on request
  FE10083TPF0083 Price on request
  FE10073TPF0073 $6.00
  FE10103TPF0103 Price on request
  CodeTypePack Quantity Price ex. GST  
  BRTEMP78Extra Soft3 $12.00
  BRTEMP79Extra Soft12 $36.00
  BR570103Firm3 $5.00
  BR5701012Firm12 $15.00
  CodeDiameter (in)Diameter (mm)Length (in)Length (mm)Pack Qty Price ex. GST  
  FE026731/4"6.35mm3/8"9.52mm3 $7.50
  FE0267121/4"6.35mm3/8"9.52mm12 $22.00
  FE027231/4"6.35mm1/2"12.7mm3 $4.00
  FE0272121/4"6.35mm1/2"12.7mm12 $12.00
  CodeDiameter (in)Diameter (mm)Thickness (in)Thickness (mm)Hard/SoftPack Qty Price ex. GST  
  FE035231/2"12.7mm1/8"3.175mmHard3 $3.00
  FE0352121/2"12.7mm1/8"3.175mmHard12 $9.00
  FE036035/8"15.875mm1/8"3.175mmHard3 $2.00
  FE0360125/8"15.875mm1/8"3.175mmHard12 $8.00
  FE036435/8"15.875mm1/8"3.175mmSoft3 $16.20
  FE0364125/8"15.875mm1/8"3.175mmSoft12 $5.40
  FE036633/4"19.05mm1/8"3.175mmHard3 $2.00
  FE0366123/4"19.05mm1/8"3.175mmHard12 $6.00
  FE036833/4"19.05mm1/8"3.175mmSoft3 $2.00
  FE0368123/4"19.05mm1/8"3.175mmSoft12 $6.00
  FE037231"25.4mm1/8"3.175mmHard3 $2.00
  FE0372121"25.4mm1/8"3.175mmHard12 $6.00
  FE037731"25.4mm1/8"3.175mmSoft3 $3.00
  FE0377121"25.4mm1/8"3.175mmSoft12 $9.00
  CodeDiameter (in)Diameter (mm)FirmnessPack Qty Price ex. GST  
  FE047931/2"12.7mmHard3 $5.50
  FE0479121/2"12.7mmHard12 $16.50
  FE0484125/8"15.9mmHard12 $18.00
  FE048435/8"15.9mmHard3 $54.00
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