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Cotton Cord
  CodeColourDiameterLength Price ex. GST  
BD221202Black2mm 100m $26.00
BD22100Brown2mm100m $15.00
BD22102Black1mm100m $15.50
Fireline is a pre-waxed, braided cord consisting of gel-spun polyethylene which is known as the strongest fiber, per diameter, ever created. It has an unbelievably high tensile strength and has been recommended in numerous how-to articles on beadworking.
  CodeFinishDiameterlength Price ex. GST  
  BD41801Crystal 0.17mm150 Feet (45.8m) $15.50
  BD41802Smoke Grey0.17mm150 Feet (45.8m) $15.50
  BD41701Crystal 0.22mm150 Feet (45.8m) $13.50
  BD41702Smoke Grey0.22mm150 Feet (45.8m) $14.00
Soft Flex Wire. The ultimate in nylon coated jewelry and beading wire. Fast becoming the standard for professionals and hobbyists. Twenty-one strands of stainless steel wire encased in nylon for the unbeatable combination of strength and flexibility.
  CodeColourDiameterLengthStrand Count Price ex. GST  
BD41400Clear0.014" (0.36mm)30ft (9.1m)21 $23.00
BD41401White0.014" (0.36mm)30ft (9.1m)21 $20.00
BD41423Black0.014" (0.36mm)30ft (9.1m)21 $20.00
Softer and stronger than Tiger Tail and more supple for a smoother drape, Craft Series Beadalon 7 encases seven strands of fine-diameter stainless steel wire within a kink-resistant nylon coating. Beadalon 7 is easy to work with (no needle necessary) and abrasion-resistant for longer-lasting results. Use Beadalon 7 for most general beading designs. Made in USA.
  CodeFinishDiameterLength Price ex. GST  
  BD30012Bright0.30mm30 Feet (9.2m) $5.95
  BD30015Bright0.38mm30 Feet (9.2m) $5.95
  BD30018Bright0.46mm30 Feet (9.2m) $6.95
  BD30118Bright0.46mm100 Feet (30.5m) $19.95
Specifically developed for bead stringing, Designer Series Beadalon 19 is an ideal choice for creating treasures with seed beads, freshwater pearls, ceramic, glass and stone beads. Contains 19 strands of strong stainless steel. Nylon-coated for increased kink and abrasion resistance, Beadalon 19 is easy to work with (no needle necessary) super-strong and renders secure jewelry that lasts! Made in USA.
  CodeFinishDiameterLength Price ex. GST  
  BD31410Bright0.25mm30 feet (9.2m) $19.95
  BD31412Bright0.30mm30 feet (9.2m) $19.95
  BD31418Bright0.46mm30 feet (9.2m) $19.95
  BD31421Bright0.53mm30 Feet (9.2m) $19.95
  BD31512Black0.30mm30 Feet (9.2m) $19.95
  BD31515Black0.38mm30 Feet (9.2m) $19.95
Beadalon 49 Strand
  CodeFinishDiameterLength Price ex. GST  
  BD32324Bright 0.61mm30 feet (9.2m) $22.00
  BD32313Bright0.33mm30 Feet (9.2m) $39.00
  BD32318Bright0.018" (0.46mm)30 feet (9.2m) $24.00
  CodeFinishDiameterLength Price ex. GST  
BD162008AGrey0.2mm150 Feet (45.7m) $15.00
BD162008TBlack0.2mm150 Feet (45.7m) $20.00
BD162008UFrost0.008mm50 yard (45.7m) $20.00
25 needles per pack.
  DiameterGradeCode Price ex. GST  
  0.25mmFineBD760 $12.00
  0.36mmMediumBD762 $12.00
  0.50mmLargeBD764 $12.00
French wire, also known as bullion and gimp, is a terrific alternative to bead-tips. Use it to professionally finish knotted freshwater pearl and bead projects. To use it, leave your last few beads un-knotted. Cut about a 1/4-inch of French wire, and pass your thread through it pass the thread back through the beads and knot between them. The French wire protects your cord from abrasion with your findings and looks great! Sold individually in 20cm lengths.
  CodeDescriptionColour Price ex. GST  
  BD0013Heavy - 1.1mm DiameterGold $6.00
  BD0010Fine 0.7mmSilver $6.00
  BD0012Medium 1.0mmSilver $6.00
  BD0011Heavy 1.2mmSilver $6.00
  BD0015Extra Heavy.1.8mmSilver $6.00
Each card features top-quality German-made Griffin bead cord. This is the finest quality tight-woven silk or nylon cord available. 2 meters (6.5 feet) of brilliantly died colour-fast cord per card with needle attached. Simply take the needle from the card and off you go! The twisted stainless steel needle saves threading time. Doubling the thread is not necessary. There is no simpler quicker or better way to thread beads!
  CodeMaterialSizeDiameterLength Price ex. GST  
  BD25304Natural SilkNo 40.60mmBlack $2.90
  BD25301Natural SilkNo 10.35mmBlack $2.90
  BD25302Natural SilkNo 20.45mmBlack $3.10
  BD25303Natural SilkNo 30.50mmBlack $2.90
  BD25305Natural SilkNo 50.65mmBlack $2.90
  BD25306Natural SilkNo 60.70mmBlack $3.10
  BD25307Natural SilkNo 70.75mmBlack $2.90
  BD25308Natural SilkNo 80.80mmBlack $2.90
  BD25310Natural SilkNo 100.90mmBlack $3.30
  BD25312Natural SilkNo 120.98mmBlack $3.55
  BD25314Natural SilkNo 141.02mmBlack $2.90
  BD25316Natural SilkNo 161.05mmBlack $4.00
  BD23100Natural SilkNo 00.30mmWhite $2.95
  BD23101Natural SilkNo 10.35mmWhite $2.90
  BD23102 Natural SilkNo 20.45mmWhite $3.10
  BD23104Natural SilkNo 40.60mmWhite $3.10
  BD23105Natural SilkNo 50.65mmWhite $2.90
  BD23106Natural SilkNo 60.70mmWhite $2.80
  BD23107Natural SilkNo 70.75mmWhite $2.90
  BD23108Natural SilkNo 80.80mmWhite $2.90
  BD23110Natural SilkNo 100.90mmWhite $2.90
  BD23112Natural SilkNo 120.98mmWhite $3.40
  BD23114Natural SilkNo 141.02mmWhite $2.90
  BD23116Natural SilkNo 161.05mmWhite $2.90
  BD10101NylonNo 10.35mmWhite $2.50
  BD10102NylonNo 20.45mmWhite $2.50
  BD10103Nylonno 30.50mmWhite $2.50
  BD10104NylonNo 40.60mmWhite $2.50
  BD23510Natural SilkNo 100.90mmRed $3.50
Natural Hemp Cord is the preferred choice for use in crafts, including jewelry making, scrap-booking, handmade cards, gardening and more! Hemp Cord is a natural, biodegradable, & eco-friendly alternative to cotton & synthetic cordage. Supplied on a card with strands of 4 different colours.
  CodeDiameterLengthBreak Strength Price ex. GST  
  BD4200Hemp 4 Neutral Colours Card 1.0mm4 lengths of 9.1m (30 foot) cord20lb test $8.00
  BD4100Hemp 4 Neutral Colours Card .55mm4 lengths of 9.1m (30 foot) cord10lb test $8.00
Jewellery Tube - This 2mm hollow rubber tubing is great for making Jelly Bracelets, Memory Wire Jewellery & more! It comes with connectors & written instructions
  CodeColourDiameterLength Price ex. GST  
BD205Black2.0mm5 Yards (4.58m) $5.50
BD2050Clear2mm5 Yards (4.58m) $2.90
BD2055Brown2mm5 Yards (4.58m) $5.50
  CodeDiameterLengthColour Price ex. GST  
  BD55310Round 1mm10mBlack $9.00
  CodeColourDimensions Price ex. GST  
  BD1610Black1.5mm x 150ft (45.7m) $40.00
  BD200Black2.0mm x 100ft (30.5m) $32.00
Supreme Waxed Cotton
  CodeColourSizeLength Price ex. GST  
  BD2880Black1mm150 Yard (137.16m) $32.00
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