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This tool is great for creating secure, uniform knots and is really useful when stringing pearls or other beads. Full instructions are given on the back of the packaging. Creates secure, uniform knots quickly and easily with this tool. Useful for stringing pearls and other types of beads. Benefits: if the string breaks, only one bead can fall off. Beads will not rub together and damage each other. The knots help maintain even spacing between beads and reduce wear on string from bead movement.
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  BDKNOT $26.00
Includes: Tri-Cord knotter; white silk thread (400 yds. (366 m) of size E); tube of glue; thread snips; chain nose pliers; Tri-Cord "Professional Bead Stringing" video tape; 30 stainless steel beading needles-10 each of small, medium, large; 40 bead tips 20 each silver-plated and gold-plated; and french wire in gold-filled and sterling silver. Comes in a sturdy organizer case with detachable lid which can be used as a designing tray.
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  BD001900 $260.00
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