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Bead Board Flock 8 Sizes With Cover. Bead Board - A flocked plastic design board with channels for laying out beads. 8 Circular Recesses Dimensions: 10.75 x 13.75"
  Code Price ex. GST  
  BD8FC $22.00
Bead Board Flocked with Cover. Bead Board - A flocked plastic design board with channels for laying out beads. Board only, pictured tools and beads not included.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  BD28FC $16.00
Bead Board - A flocked plastic design board with channels for laying out beads.
Gem trays are designed with indentations, grooves, and a pour spout to make sorting of diamonds, gems, pearls, and beads easier.
  CodeSizeColour Price ex. GST  
  TR0105100mm x 62mmBlack $8.00
  TR0106100mm x 62mmWhite $8.00
  TR0103178mm x 95mmBlack $12.00
  TR0102178mm x 95mmWhite $14.50
This large bead board features ten compartments for holding beads and other beading supplies. Flocked in a neutral gray, this tray will accommodate up to three strands and is our favorite. Lay out your designs before you string them! Try out as many bead combinations as you like and find your ideal creation without cutting a thread. Enable your creativity and prevent having to redo your necklaces over and over because you decide you don't like the results after you finish!
What a fabulous way to organize and carry your beads and small parts. 12, 20 or 24 little glass lidded aluminum dishes, in an aluminum case. Originally designed for jewellers for storing watch components and gemstones. Glass tops so you can see your stuff. Great gift idea. Fill each of the containers with special beads and findings and give to a friend or customer.
  CodeDescriptionDiameter Price ex. GST  
  TR037Aluminium Box with 12 containers40mm $12.00
  TR035Aluminium Box with 20 containers32.5mm $14.00
  TR036Aluminium Box with 24 containers26mm $16.00
  TR034Aluminium Box with 54 containersTBD $18.00
Sort pearls, stones, findings, etc. Trays have grooves to assist stringing and round indentations for size sorting. Measures 178mm x 95mm.
  Part NoDescription Price ex. GST  
  White for dark colorsTR0102 $14.50
  Black for light colorsTR0103 $12.00
Durable wooden bead board measures 350mm x 95mm.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  BD47 $15.00
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