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Regal Collection Rings are designed and manufactured from seamless bands for greater strength and durability.

All of our rings are made to order by our highly skilled New Zealand technicians.

All rings made by Regal are guaranteed unconditionally against the unlikely occurrence of faulty materials and workmanship.
Latest Collection
New Wedding Rings
  CodeOutside ProfileInside ProfileThicknessWidth Min/MaxStandard WidthSizesStandard Colour CombinationAvailable Colour CombinationMetal Options  
RC324Half RoundFlat1.4mm2mm2mmC - Z+10YAllAll
RC325FlatFlat1.4mm6-8mm8mmJ - Z+5Y/PAll9ct, 18ct
RC326FlatFlat1.4mm4-5mm4.5mmJ-Z+5W/PAll9ct, 18ct
RC327FlatFlat0.9mm2mm2mmC-Z+10YY,W,RStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC328FlatHalf Round 1.2mm4mm-5mm4.5mmG-Z+5Y/WY,W,RStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC329FlatFlat0.9mm3mm-10mm6mmC-Z+10YY,W,RStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC364Flat 4 SquareFlat1.7 Centre, 2.7 Tips6 - 107mmJ - Z+1YY, W, RStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC341Flat 4 SquareFlat1.3 Centre, 2.3 Tips6 - 10mm8mmJ - Z+2YY, W, RStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC342Flat 4 SquareFlat1.0 Centre, 2.0 Tips6 - 10mm8mmJ - Z+2YY, W, RStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC343Flat 4 SquareFlat1.0 Centre, 2.0 Tips6 - 10mm8mmJ - Z+2YY, W, RStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC344Flat PatternFlat1.36 - 10mm8mmJ - Z+8YY, W, RStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC345Flat 4 Square 2 GrooveFlat1.5 Centre, 2.5 Tips6 - 10mm8mmJ - Z+2YY, W, RStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC347Flat SteppedFlat2.07 - 10mm7mmJ - Z+8Y-Stg, 9ct, 18ct
RC349Flat OverlayFlat1.96 - 10mm8mmJ - Z+2Y,W,WAllStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC350Flat 4 SquareFlat1.3 Centre, 2.3 Tips6 - 10mm8mmJ - Z+2Y,W,YAllStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC365FlatFlat0.9mm3mm-6mm6mmC-Z+10WY,W,RStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC366Half Round Flat0.9mm5mm-10mm7mmG-Z+10YY,W,RStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC367Half RoundComfort Curve1.2mm4mm-8mm6.5mmG-Z+10WY,W,RStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC368FlatFlat0.9mm4mm-6mm6mmG-Z+10YY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC369Half RoundFlat1.0mm4mm-8mm7mmG-Z+10WY,W,RStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC370FlatFlat1.8mm2mm-10mm4mmC-Z+10YY,W,RStg, 9ct, 18ct
RC371DHalf RoundFlat1.8mm4mm-6mm4mmG-Z+10YY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC372DHalf RoundComfort Curve1.6mm4mm-5mm4mmG-Z+10YY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC373DFlatComfort Curve2.0mm6mm6mmG-Z+10YY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC374DFlatComfort Curve2.0mm6mm6mmG-Z+10YY/W/P9ct, 18ct
  RC375Half RoundFlat0.9mm3mm-10mm4mmG-Z+10YY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC376DHalf RoundFlat1.6mm4mm-6mm4mmG-Z+10YY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC377DHalf RoundComfort Curve2.0mm4mm-6mm4mmG-Z+10YY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC378Half RoundComfort Curve1.7mm5mm-8mm5mmG-Z+10W/PINKY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC379Half RoundComfort Curve1.7mm7mm-10mm7mmG-Z+10W/PY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC380DHalf RoundComfort Curve1.8mm4mm-10mm4mmG-Z+10W/PY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC381DFlatComfort Curve1.6mm4mm-10mm4mmG-Z+10Y/WY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC382DHalf RoundComfort Curve1.6mm4mm4mmG-Z+10YY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC383DFlatComfort Curve1.6mm4mm-6mm4mmG-Z+10Y/WY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC384DFlatComfort Curve1.5mm3mm-10mm3mmG-Z+10WY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC385DHalf Round Comfort Curve1.6mm4mm-10mm4mmG-Z+10YY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC386DHalf Round Comfort Curve1.7mm4.5mm-8mm4.5mmG-Z+10W/PY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC387FlatFlat0.9mm4mm-6mm6mmG-Z+10WY/W/P9ct 18ct
RC388FlatFlat1.5mm5mm-6mm5mmG-Z+10YY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC389FlatFlat1.5mm6mm-10mm8mmG-Z+10YY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC390FlatFlat1.8mm9 x 69x6 TaperJ-Z+5YY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC391FlatFlat1.8mm8 x 48 x 4 TaperJ-Z+5WY/W/P9ct, 18ct
RC392Half Round Flat1.5mm6mm6mmJ-Z+10Y/W/PY/W/P9ct, 18ct
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