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Eyelets Sold in packs of 24
  CodeSizeColour Price ex. GST  
BD452021/8"Silver Coloured $9.95
BD452031/8"Copper Plated $9.95
BD455025/32"Silver Coloured Price on request
BD455035/32"Copper Plated $9.95
Pierces metal and sets semi-tubular rivets & eyelets. Features 1/16" T-bar screws which can be switched out for a different size (3/32" kit sold separately). Use with metal sheet up to 18 gauge. Deep recess for extended 7/8" (22mm) reach. BONUS: domed base for use with rings & other curved items, PLUS an allen key!
  CodeDescription Price ex. GST  
  BD115EZ-Rivit tool $75.00
  BD332Rivet 3/32" Punch & Flair for EZ-Rivet Tool $40.00
  BD116Rivet 1/16" Punch & Flair for EZ-Rivet $40.00
Hollow Eyelets
  CodeMetalDiameterLength Price ex. GST  
  BD0037Brass3/32"7/32" $8.00
  BD0035Brass3/32"5/32" $8.00
  BD0033Brass3/32"3/32" $8.00
  BD0025Brass1/16"5/32" $8.00
  BD0023Brass1/16"3/32" $8.00
  BD0022Brass1/16"1/16" $8.00
Hollow Rivets
  CodeDiameterLengthMaterial Price ex. GST  
BD23221/16"1/16"Copper $14.00
BD23231/16"1/16"Brass $11.95
  BD33213/32"3/32"Aluminium $12.00
  BD33233/32"3/32"Brass $12.00
  BD43213/32"1/8"Aluminium $12.00
  BD43233/32"1/8"Brass $11.95
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