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Please note that the colours need to be added to a clear resin. Only order the colours to use along with a clear UV resin.
Made in Japan Cures in 1-2 minutes with an LED/UV Lamp, 25 and 55g bottles available, Non-warping, Non-yellowing, Use with clear silicone molds, or straight into your jewellery. Create detailed, layered looks quickly and easily with this resin that is cured by LED or UV lamps. Sets hard within minutes and is the best option for quickly creating a dome on the top of your projects. Great for use as a clear, yet strong adhesive. It can be used with LED lights, UV lights and sunlight (The time required depends on the size of the craft and wattage). Curing time: UV-LED lamp (6W): 12 minutes UV lamp (36W): 24 minutes Outdoors: Sunny Day: 4-6 minutes
  CodeSize Price ex. GST  
  PT847425G $32.00
  PT847555g $60.00
"Resin Craft by Me" UV resin is ready to use, crystal clear and cures to a hard, glossy surface in minutes. Use it to fill molds and bezels and layer with inclusions for a custom resin creation made by you. 60ml - Directions for use: 1. On a protected work surface pour UV resin into the silicone mold or metal bezel. Do NOT overfill, additional layers of UV resin can be added any time. Spread evenly and remove any bubbles with a stick. 2. Carefully layer in gems, dried flowers or other inclusions. 3. Cure in UV light for 1-5 minutes between layers, or until no longer tacky. CAUTION when handling, cured resin might be HOT! Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Use resin in a well ventilated area. Avoid contact with skin. May be harmful if swallowed. May cause eye irritation. Not edible. Store in a cool, dry place. Conforms to ASTM D4236 Warning: Not intended for children age 12 and under.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PT18024 $22.00
The "Resin Craft by Me" UV Flashlight cures UV resin in minutes. The handy size is perfect for small projects and fine detail work, and also for travel and classes. - 6W - Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. Directions for use: 1. Wear proper eye and skin protection. 2. Point UV light over UV resin and push button on top of light to turn on. 3. Shine UV light on UV resin for 10 seconds for small details to 3 minutes for larger projects to cure. CAUTION when handling cured resin, might be HOT! Turn off UV light when not in use. Do not place face down on a surface with UV light still on. Caution: Ultraviolet light hazard. Do not shine directly in eyes. Do not use is sensitive to UV light. Caution: Do not use near water. Dry location only. Warning: Not intended for children age 12 and under.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PT18026 $14.00
"Resin Craft by Me" natural dried flower inclusions layer beautifully in resin projects. We recommend using tweezers to carefully select flowers and place in UV resin, or dip a toothpick in resin and gently touch tip to flower to pick up. Don't hesitate to cut flower pieces to fit as needed and layer with UV resin and other inclusions to create detailed resin projects with depth and interest. 24 pieces dried flowers included in storage container.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PT18022 $14.00
Enjoy this curated selection of our best selling glitters, confetti and beads with your resin projects. Use to mix and layer with UV resin for a custom creation made by you! Includes: White pearl balls; Iridescent rainbow balls; White iridescent fine glitter; Gold alphabet glitter; Silver foil flakes; Gold foil flakes
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PT18023 $10.00
The "Resin Craft by Me" premium silicone mat protects work surfaces from resin spills. Simply cure any leftover UV resin in UV light and peel away for easy cleanup! Try scrubbing gently with soap and water for any sticky messes. We recommend using wet wipes for quick and easy cleanups too! 1 - 4.1 in x 5.7 in mat included.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PT18021 $8.00
"Resin Craft by Me" set of premium silicone mixing tools are reusable and perfect for mixing resin. Use the cups to premix resin with inclusions and pour into a mold or bezel with the handy pour spout. The silicone sticks are perfect for scooping inclusions, mixing resin, and moving or smoothing layers of resin. Simply cure any leftover resin on the tools in UV light and peel away for easy cleanup! 4 pieces included in the set: Mixing cup with pour spout; Mixing cup with pour spout and stick holder cutouts; Mixing stick with angled spatula and fine point; Mixing stick with spatula and scoop
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PT18020 $8.50
Simply fill, cure and pop! Our premium silicone molds can be used again and again! To use, simply fill with UV resin and your favorite inclusions, cure with UV light and pop the finished resin piece out of the mold. Clean gently with soap and water, or try wet wipes to quickly remove any residue.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  PT18011 $6.50
Colors for UV resin Crystal, Contents 15ml.
  CodeColour Price ex. GST  
  PT8264Rose $12.00
  PT8265Lavender $12.00
  PT8266Grass Green $12.00
  PT8267Mint Green $12.00
  PT8268Cyan $12.00
  PT8269Aqua $12.00
  PT8270Pastel Blue $12.00
  PT8271Middle Green $12.00
  PT8272Cherry $12.00
  PT8273Lemon $12.00
  PT8274Ceylon Brown $12.00
  PT8275Opaque White $12.00
  PT8473Black $12.00
Please note that the colours need to be added to a clear resin. Only order the colours to use along with a clear UV resin.
  CodeColourSize Price ex. GST  
  PT8468Blue10g $12.00
  PT8464Red10g $12.00
  PT8473Black10g $12.00
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