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The polariscope is used to test gemstones (cut or rough) for single or double refraction. Two polarising filters allows the observation of the structure and optical properties of precious stones or minerals. Includes LED flashlight light source that attaches beneath the polariscope and protective carrying case. Features: HEAVY DUTY and precise because it made with metal and optical glass Durable, reliable and made by professional craftsmen Gemmologist tool for diagnosing optical properties of a gemstone (singly refractive or double refractive)during usage Specifications: Size: Length : 80mm Diameter : 28mm Power for flash light : AA battery x 2 (Batteries are not included) Material: Optics glass, Metal Gemmologist tool for diagnosis optical properties of your gemstone(singly refractive or double refractive)
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  OP619 $65.00
The Presidium Gem Computer Gauge (PGCG) is an upgraded version of the Presidium Electronic Gemstone Gauge (PEGG), featuring a built-in computer and a USB interface to provide for a plethora of other functions. The gauge itself will measure the size of your specimen with 0.01mm accuracy, but the computer program is designed to estimate the weight of a wide variety of loose and mounted stones with high precision, consistency, speed, and ease. The Direct Reading function determines the carat size of brilliant cut diamonds, giving you the freedom to do way more than what you could with a traditional gauge. Among its other features, the computer includes a Specific Gravity (SG) dictionary of common stones, assists in calculating the value of your specimen, precisely estimates the weight of your gem, and includes a USB interface with CD software that allows you to update and extend your built-in dictionary of values. Maximize the amount of specimens you can accurately test, and figure out all of their values! The Presidium Gem Computer Gauge works with diamonds and virtually all gemstones used in jewelry today. Additionally, shape isnt a problem with this gauge as it is for many others! The PGCG works with many different yet common shapes, such as round, oval, pear, marquise, heart, emerald, cushion, cabochon, or rectangular. The Presidium Gem Computer Gauge is a true workhorse, with an unbeatable combination of functions that make it a perfect addition to any place where business is done or gems are analyzed. With a battery life that allows for about 80 hours of continuous use, an automated shut-off setting after 10 minutes of inactivity, and a 1-year manufacturers warranty, this gauge wont fail you or your expectations. Utilize modern technology to the benefit of your business, and become the owner of one of the most advanced and high-quality gauges available today. This is an instrument that simply cant be topped in its class.
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  TE19850 $580.00
The Presidium Gem Tester is the fastest and easiest way to eliminate human error and save time in identifying colored gemstones. Simply touch the testers Thermoelectric Probe to the surface of any stone, and the dial will obtain the heat conductivity of the material and provide an accurate reading based on the proven method of thermoelectric testing. Presidium made this tester light, durable, and portable, giving you the protection you need against unauthentic gems where and when you need it. The sophisticated probe pen requires no warm up period and no downtime in between testing, making operation fast and accurate. Furthermore, operating this device is extremely simple and doesnt require any specialized knowledge or training. The specially calibrated dial will show you the relative heat conductivity of the material, at which point the identity of the specimen can be easily distinguished with the Color Stone Estimating Function. As an added convenience, the tester uses a built-in metal detector that will alert the user if they have accidentally touched a mounting instead of the stone specimen. This tester minimizes human error and maximizes productivity, a reputation that many Presidium instruments have earned over time. Operates on 2 AA batteries (not supplied)
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  TE1030 $595.00
This economy priced tester will light up when moissanite is detected.
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  TE1100 $450.00
The Presidium Multi-Tester utilizes the combined principles of thermal and electrical conductivity from Presidium's patented technology. The measuring probes together with the electronics circuitries are designed to pick up and segregate data collected from the stones via a customized micro-controller. Within a split second, the test result will be displayed. Features: Surface mount technology. Retractable tip to ensure the accuracy and consistent pressure between the measuring probe and gemstone. No waiting time between tests. Clear LED display for diamond, moissanite, stimulants and metal. Built-in metal detector. Low battery indicator. Automatic power down. Powered by AAA Batteries
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  TE1000 $769.52
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