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The NEW advanced digital AGT3 is the ultimate verification instrument for gold and platinum testing. This state-of-the-art portable handheld tester has exceptional precision, is simple to use and in seconds provides accurate results showing both the digital karat value and gold percentage – PATENTED WITH PATENTS PENDING. · Tests all colors of gold from 6K to 24K and tests platinum · Alphanumeric LCD display shows both karat value and gold percentage · Two test modes: Fast Test Yellow & Enhanced Mode · Easy one-step calibration using either 14K or 18K yellow gold · Scratch resistant, durable nickel plated stainless steel testing plate · Auto-check pen probe function · Sleek, contoured and ergonomic design · Built-in storage compartment for pen probe · Easy to read LCD display · Automatic low battery indicator · Follow easy steps to identify non-gold, gold plate and gold filled as NA · Simply touch pen probe to filed gold or platinum and results are shown in seconds · Replaceable pen probe provides thousands of tests with proper care · Compact and portable · Powered by included 9V alkaline battery or 100V-240V AC adaptor · INCLUDES: AGT3, pen probe, file, battery, AC adaptor and rubberized carrying case
  Code Price ex. GST  
  TE2010 $1040.00
Acids for testing 9, 18 and 22 ct in a wooden 3-bottle storage box.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  TE0113 $78.00
Our professional grade superior quality gold testing acids accurately graded for Silver, 9ct, 14ct, 18ct and 22ct gold. Our set comes complete with gold testing stone. Stone measures 2-1/2" x 1-1/2" x1/2" thick. Our quality box made of premium wood keeps your acids well organized and prevent them from tipping Each acid bottle is printed with corresponding caratage. All acid bottles are equipped with a dripper which is to be placed under the lid allowing precise amount of acid to be dispensed, preventing spilling, and unnecessary waste of the acid. Used by Professional Jewellers and scrap buyers to determine correct caratage of gold when buying. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Just scratch the Arkansas stone with tested jewellery and place a drop of acid on the scratch. If scratch remains on the stone without fading or than it is the same as the caratage of the testing acid. If it fades away you may want to test it with lower caratage acid to determine if it's 9ctK instead of 14ct, or 14ct instead of 18ct. It is used this way by thousands of jewellers all over the world. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN! INTENDED FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY! Replacement acid bottles are sold individually and can be purchased separately.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  TE011 $140.00
For use with a Test Stone.
  CodeDescription Price ex. GST  
  TE005 SILVER $22.00
  TE006 9ct $22.00
  TE007 14ct $22.00
  TE008 18ct $22.00
  TE010 22ct $22.00
These hard wood boxes are the ideal storage for our Test Acids and Stone. Available in two sizes to hold 3 or 5 bottles.
  CodeCapacity Price ex. GST  
  TE5033 BOTTLE $25.00
  TE5045 BOTTLE $30.00
A dark stone on which item to be tested is rubbed. Use with test acid solutions.
  CodeSizeDimensionsStone Type Price ex. GST  
  TE001Small50mm x 40mmSynthetic $27.00
  TE71900Large2" x 4" x 0.25"Natural $25.00
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