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Silver and Gold bracelets
Silver and Gold bracelets
  CodeDescriptionWidthAverage WeightClasp Options  
9B9056AStg/9ct 1+1 Oval Filigree Belcher Bracelet4.85mm9ct 6g/Stg 10gHeart
9B9165AStg/9ct Fancy Filigree Plain Oval Bracelet4.9mm9ct 8g/Stg 12gHeart
9B9085Stg/9ct Filigree & Plain Belcher Bracelet4.9mm9ct 6.5g/Stg 7g16mm
9B9056Stg/9ct 1+1 oval Filigree Belcher Bracelet4.85g9ct 6g/Stg 6.5g16mm
9B7035AStg/9ct Filagree Round Belcher 1:1 Bracelet4.5mm9ct 13g/Stg 10g16mm
9B9059BStg/9ct Lobster with Filigree Bracelet4.9mm9ct 11g/Stg 14g14mm
9B9050Stg/9ct Byzantine Double Ring Bracelet12.3mm9ct 8g/Stg 27g14mm
9B7221AStg/9ct Cable and Belcher Small 1:1 Bracelet6.8mm9ct 6g/Stg 10g16mm
9B9038AStg/9ct 2 Bar Daisy Gate Bracelet (Rose)9.1mm9ct 9g/Stg 6g12mm
9B9051Stg/9ct Byzantine Chenier Ring Bracelet6.13mm9ct 7g/Stg 22g14mm
9B9095Stg/9ct Byzantine Twist Bracelet7.9mm9ct 10g/Stg 33g18mm
9B9150Stg/9Y Double Ring Twist Double Bar Bracelet12mm9ct 7g/ Stg 15g14mm
9B9120Stg/9ct Hugs & Kisses Bracelet7mm9ct 6.5g/Stg 7g16mm
9B9139AStg/9ct Celtic Link Bracelet (Yellow)8.6mm9ct 10.5g/Stg 13gCustom
9B9220AStg/9ct Celtic Cable Link Bracelet (rose)7.5mm9ct 12g/Stg 10g22mm
9B7119AStg/9ct Small swiss Cross Bracelet6.9mm9ct 9g/Stg 8g16mm
9B9180Stg/9ct Chenier Tube Ring Bracelet (Rose)7.95mm9ct 5g/Stg 12g12mm
9B8014BStg/9ct Celtic Weave and Oval Curb Fancy Bracelet7.7mm9ct 6g/Stg 8g16mm
9B9210AStg/9ct Large Open Rollercurb Bracelet8.9mm9ct 6g/Stg 19g16mm
9B9090Stg/9ct Infinity Link Bracelet12mm9ct 4g/Stg 24g23mm
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