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  Gemstone and Diamond RingsDescriptionStone Details Price ex. GST  
5R0019***NEW*** 9Y/W Green Tourmaline Diamond Ring Fancy Tourmaline 1.60ct, TDW 0.17pts Price on request
5R0020***NEW*** 9W Ruby & Diamond RingTDW 0.10pts GH-SI, Ruby 1.64ct Price on request
5RRJ00029Y/W Oval Emerald & Diamond Ring TDW 0.10pts HI-P Price on request
5RRJ00149Y-SA9Y Sapphire & Diamond Ring TDW 0.10pts GH-SI Price on request
5RRJ00139Y/W-SA9Y/W Sapphire & Diamond RingTDW 0.05pts GH-SI Price on request
5RRJ00169Y/W-RU9Y/W Ruby & Diamond Ring TDW 0.10pts GH-SI Price on request
5RRJ00169Y/W-SA***SOLD OUT*** 9Y Sapphire & Diamond Cluster RingTDW 0.20pts GH-SI Price on request
5RRJ0012-9Y/W-EM/D9Y/W Emerald & Diamond RingTDW 0.10pts GH-SI Price on request
5RRJ00129Y/W-SA/D9Y/W Sapphire & Diamond RingTDW 0.10pts GH-SI Price on request
5RIN01499Y/W-EM9Y/W Emerald Diamond Cluster Ring1xEM(AA) OV 6*4MM 0.450 14xDI(WSI) SC 0.0080CT 0.112 2xDI(WSI) Price on request
5RIN01509Y-BT9Y Blue Topaz & Diamond RingTDW 0.10pts Price on request
5RG1017***NEW*** 9Y Garnet Diamond Cluster1xGN(AA) CCH 7*7MM 1.550 28xDI (WSI) SC 0.0028CT 0.078 Price on request
5RIN01489Y-GA9Y/W Garnet Diamond Dress Ring1xGN(AA) OV 7*5MM 0.920 2xGN OV 6*4MM 1.120 4xDI(WSI) FC 0.0 Price on request
5RIN01539Y-SA9Y Sapphire Diamond Dress Ring1xBS(A) OV 8*6MM 1.800 6xDI(WSI) SC 0.0050CT 0.030 Price on request
5R0009***NEW*** 9ct Halo Amethyst RingAmethyst 7x7mm 1.45ct TDW: 0.078ct Price on request
5R0010***NEW*** 9ct YG Channel set Ruby & Diamond Ring TDW 0.11pt Price on request
5RG10239Y Sapphire Diamond Trio Set Ring10xBS(A) RD 2.0MM 0.500 1xBS(A) OV 8*6MM 1.980 20xDI(WSI) SC Price on request
5R0011***NEW*** 9Y Channel set Sapphire & Diamond Ring TDW 0.11pt Price on request
5R0018***NEW*** 9R Morganite & Diamond Ring TDW .0.17pts, Morganite 1.40ct Price on request
5RG10019Y Garnet Solitaire1xGN(AA) OVDBC 14*9MM 0.000 Price on request
5RG10049W Sapphire Diamond Dress Ring TDW 0.096ct1xSA(AA) OV 6*4MM 0.580 24xDI(WhiteSI) SC 0.0040CT 0.096 Price on request
5RG10069W Tanzanite Diamond Cluster1xTZ(AA) OV 6*4MM 0.460 28xDI(WhiteSI) SC 0.0028CT 0.078 Price on request
5RG10089W Sapphire Diamond Fancy Band2x 3x 4x SA(AA) RD 92xDI(WhiteSI) SC 0.0028CT 0.0258 Price on request
5RG10099W Swiss Blue Topaz Solitaire1xLS (AA) CU 9*7MM 2.215 Price on request
5RG10109W Tanzanite Diamond Rect Cluster Ring1xTZ(AA) OCST 6*4MM 0.600 4xDI(WhiteSI) SC 10xDI(WSI) BG Price on request
5RG10209Y Amethyst Diamond Cluster Ring TDW 0.064ct1xAM(AA) RD 6.0MM 0.800 23xDI(WSI) SC 0.0028CT 0.064 Price on request
5RIN01529YSA9Y Sapphire Diamond P/Cut Band TDW 0.125ct6xSA(AA) RD 1.7MM 0.180 5xDI(WSI) FC 0.0250CT 0.125 Price on request
5RIN01549W-BT***SOLD OUT*** 9W London Blue Topaz Diamond Cluster Ring1xLB(AA) RDCC 8.0MM 2.280 36xDI(WSI) SC 00028CT 0.101 Price on request
5RG10029W Ruby Diamond Cluster1xRUA(GF) RD 4.0MM 0.490 16xDI(WhiteSI) SC 0.0050CT 0.080 Price on request
5RG10079Y Mixed Stone Band Ring1xAM(AA) RD 2.5MM 0.060 1xDI(WhiteSI) SC 0.0050CT 0.005 Price on request
5RIN0092EMDI9Y Emerald Diamond Band5xEM(AA) OV 4*3MM 1.000 4xDI(WSI) SC 0.0100CT 0.040 4xDI FC Price on request
5RIN0092RUDI9Y Ruby Diamond Band5xRUA(NGF)OV 4*3MM 1.150 4xDI(WSI) SC 0.0100CT 0.040 4xDI FC Price on request
5RIN0092SADI9Y Sapphire Diamond Band5xSA(AA) OV 4*3MM 1.100 4xDI(WSI) SC 0.0100CT 0.040 4xDI FC Price on request
5RT0051S9Y Oval Sap & Diamond Dress Ring TDW 0.12pts H SI Price on request
5R00179Y/W Amethyst & Dia Ring Fancy TDW: 0.18pts Amethyst weight: 1.33ct Price on request
5RIN0159-9Y-AMDI9Y Amethyst & Diamond 4 Stone Ring4 x 5 x 4 mm Oval - Diamonds x 5 TDW 0.125 pts Price on request
5RV00069P Garnet & Diamond Ring TDW 0.11pts H-SI Price on request
5RA0059-9Y-EMDI9Y Emerald & Diamond Ring TDW 0.08pts Price on request
5RIN01099P Morganite Diamond Cluster Ring1xMI(IRR) OV 8*6MM 1.150 28xDI (WSI) SC 0.0028CT 0.078 Price on request
5RRJ0024-9Y-AMDI9Y Amethyst & Diamond Ring TDW 0.10pts HI-P1 Price on request
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