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  Gemstone and Diamond RingsDescriptionStone Details Price ex. GST  
5R0019***NEW*** 9Y/W Green Tourmaline Diamond Ring Fancy Tourmaline 1.60ct, TDW 0.17pts Price on request
5RIN01509Y-BT9Y Blue Topaz & Diamond RingTDW 0.10pts Price on request
5R0008***NEW*** 9ct Halo London Blue Topaz RingTopaz 7x7mm = 1.45ct TDW: 0.078ct Price on request
5R0010***NEW*** 9ct YG Channel set Ruby & Diamond Ring TDW 0.11pt Price on request
5RG10239Y Sapphire Diamond Trio Set Ring10xBS(A) RD 2.0MM 0.500 1xBS(A) OV 8*6MM 1.980 20xDI(WSI) SC Price on request
5R0011***NEW*** 9Y Channel set Sapphire & Diamond Ring TDW 0.11pt Price on request
5R0018***NEW*** 9R Morganite & Diamond Ring TDW .0.17pts, Morganite 1.40ct Price on request
5RIN01529YSA9Y Sapphire Diamond P/Cut Band TDW 0.125ct6xSA(AA) RD 1.7MM 0.180 5xDI(WSI) FC 0.0250CT 0.125 Price on request
5RIN0092EMDI9Y Emerald Diamond Band5xEM(AA) OV 4*3MM 1.000 4xDI(WSI) SC 0.0100CT 0.040 4xDI FC Price on request
5RIN0092RUDI9Y Ruby Diamond Band5xRUA(NGF)OV 4*3MM 1.150 4xDI(WSI) SC 0.0100CT 0.040 4xDI FC Price on request
5RIN0092SADI9Y Sapphire Diamond Band5xSA(AA) OV 4*3MM 1.100 4xDI(WSI) SC 0.0100CT 0.040 4xDI FC Price on request
5R00179Y/W Amethyst & Dia Ring Fancy TDW: 0.18pts Amethyst weight: 1.33ct Price on request
5R0009***New*** 9ct Halo Amethyst RingTDW: 0.078ct 7x7mm = 1.45ct Price on request
5R0036***New*** 9Y/W Ruby & Diamond RingTDW 0.12ct RUBY 0.60ct Price on request
5R0037***New*** 9Y Sapphire & Diamond Ring TDW 0.15ct Sapp 0.66ct Price on request
5R0038***New*** 9W Morganite & Diamond RingTDW 0.25ct Morg 1.07ct Price on request
5R0039***New*** 9W London Blue & Diamond RingTDW 0.06ct Topaz 2.20ct Price on request
5R0040***New*** 9W London Blue & Diamond RingTDW 0.030 LB 1.210 Price on request
5R0041***New*** 9Y Sapphire trio set SAPP 0.12 TDW 0.0160 Price on request
5R0043***New*** 9Y London Blue Topaz Diamond RingLON 0.25 TDW 0.0066 Price on request
5R0044***New*** 9W Aquamarine Diamond RingAqua 0.22 TDW 0.0040 Price on request
5R0045***New*** 9Y Opal Diamond RingOPAL 0.13 TDW0.0040 Price on request
5R0046***New*** 9Y Amethyst Diamond RingAMT 0.32 TDW0.0066 Price on request
5R0047***New*** 9R Morganite Dia RingMG 0.20 TDW0.0053 Price on request
5R0049***New*** 9Y Garnet RingGAR 0.30 Price on request
5R0050***New*** 9W Tanzanite RingTANZ 0.09 TDW 0.0020 Price on request
5R0051***New*** 9Y Pearl & Dia RingFRWP TDW0.0066 Price on request
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