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5P0139***NEW*** 9Y Baguette Cut CZ Pendent
5P0140***NEW*** 9Y CZ Double Circle Pendent
5P01459Y ***NEW*** CZ Small Circle Pendent
5P0148***NEW*** 9Y CZ X Large Circle Pendent
5P0149***NEW*** 9Y CZ Lace Filligree Pendent
5P0150***NEW*** 9Y CZ Swirl Filligree Pendent
5P0151***NEW*** 9W Baguette Cut CZ Pendent
5P0154***NEW*** 9R CZ Small Circle Pendent
5P0155***NEW*** 9W CZ Medium Circle Pendent
5P0156***NEW*** 9W CZ Large Circle Pendent
5P0157***NEW*** 9W CZ X Large Circle Pendent
5P0158***NEW*** 9R CZ Lace Filligree Pendent
5P0159***NEW*** 9R CZ Swirl Filligree Pendent
5P01469Y CZ Medium Circle Pendent
5P01479Y CZ Large Circle Pendent
5P01539W CZ Small Circle Pendent
5P00269ct W/G C.Z. Snowflake Pendant
5P00569ct W/G C.Z Heart Pendant
5P00609W CZ Tear Drop Square Pendant
5P00669Y CZ 1 Stone Pendant
5P00679W CZ 1 Stone Pendant
5P00729W CZ 21 Pendant
5P00739Y CZ 18 Pendant
5P00749W CZ 18 Pendant
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