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CZ Pendants
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5P01399Y Baguette Cut CZ Pendent
5P01409Y CZ Double Circle Pendent
5P01459Y CZ Small Circle Pendent
5P01489Y CZ X Large Circle Pendent
5P01499Y CZ Lace Filligree Pendent
5P01509Y CZ Swirl Filligree Pendent
5P01519W Baguette Cut CZ Pendent
5P01549R CZ Small Circle Pendent
5P01559W CZ Medium Circle Pendent
5P01569W CZ Large Circle Pendent
5P01579W CZ X Large Circle Pendent
5P01589R CZ Lace Filligree Pendent
5P01599R CZ Swirl Filligree Pendent
5P00269ct W/G C.Z. Snowflake Pendant
5P00569ct W/G C.Z Heart Pendant
5P00609W CZ Tear Drop Square Pendant
5P00669Y CZ 1 Stone Pendant
5P00679W CZ 1 Stone Pendant
5P00729W CZ 21 Pendant
5P00739Y CZ 18 Pendant
5P00749W CZ 18 Pendant
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