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  CodeDescriptionStone Details  
5PA00059W London Blue Topaz & Diamond PendantTDW 0.019pts
5PT0026-9Y-EMDI9Y Emerald & Diamond Cluster PendantTDW 0.007pts
5P01729W Topaz & Diamond pendantTopaz, TDW 0.08pts
5PIN00229Y-PE9Y Peridot & Diamond PendantPeridot
5P01609ct Halo London Blue PendantTopaz
5PIN00229Y-AM9Y Amethyst & Diamond PendantAmethyst
5P01619ct Halo Amethyst PendantAmethyst
5PIN00209W Oval Aquamarine & Diamond PendantAquamarine, TDW 0.008pt
5P01739Y Amethyst & Diamond pendantAmethyst, TDW 0.122pt
5P01189W Aquamarine Diamond Pendant TDW:0.0104pt Aqua: 0.08
5P01209Y L.B Topaz Diamond Pendant DW 0.0020pt Topaz: 0.27
5P01219W Aqua Diamond Pendant Aqua: 0.07
5P01229R Morganite Diamond Pendant DW0.0053pt Morganite: 0.13
5P01239W Aqua Diamond Pendant DW: 0.0079pt Aqua 0.16
5P01249Y Ruby Diamond Pendant DW:0.0033pt Ruby 0.09
5P01269Y Sapphire Diamond Pendant. DW:0.0020pt Sapp:0.08
5P01279Y Ruby Diamond Pendant DW:0.0020pt Ruby 0.04
5P01289Y Sapphire Filigree Pendant Sapphire Sapphire 0.06
5P01299Y Sapphire Diamond Pendant DW0.0040pt Sapphire 0.18
5P01309Y Amethyst Diamond Pendant DW 0.040pt Amethyst 0.29
5P01319Y Amethyst Diamond Pendant DW: 0.0040 Amethyst 0.21
5P01329R Morganite Diamond Pendant DW:0.0091pt Morganite: 0.08
5P01339Y Ruby Diamond Pendant DW:0.0091pt Ruby 0.19
5P01359R Morganite Diamond Pendant DW:0.004pts Morganite: 0.04
5P01369Y Ruby Diamond Pendant DW:0.0079pt Ruby 0.08
5P01379W Aqua Diamond Pendant DW:0.0040pt Aqua 0.04
5P01389Y Amethyst Diamond Pedant Amethyst: 0.05
5PT0026-9Y-RUDI9Y Ruby & Diamond Cluster PendantTDW 0.007pts
5PT00269YSAF9Y Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Pendant
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