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Plain Pendants
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9P0022Small Push Button Padlock 9ct
5P00069CT Rose 8mm Full Ball Pendant
5P00109CT Yellow 8mm Full Ball Pendant
5P0090STG Ball pendant and chain 8mm
5P00049CT Rose 9.5mm Full Ball Pendant
5P00099CT Yellow 9.5MM Full Ball Pendant
5P0091STG Ball pendant and chain 10mm
5P0092STG Ball pendant and chain 12mm
5P0028-9R-12MM9R 12mm Disc Pendant
5P0028-9Y-12MM9Y 12mm Disc Pendant
5P00089CT Yellow 12.5mm Full Ball Pendant
5P00079CT Rose 14mm Full Ball Pendant
5P0093STG Ball pendant and chain 14mm
5P0030-9R9R 14mm Lightweight Puff Heart Pendant
5P01179Y 15mm Tree of Life Pendent Rhodium Leaves
5P0029-9R-15MM9R 15mm Disc Pendant
5P0029-9Y-15MM9Y 15mm Disc Pendant
9P70009ct 15mm Puff Heart Pendant (E184)
9P4209Y 16mm Filigree Puff Heart Pendant
9P70059ct Filigree Heart Padlock 16x19mm (E184)
5P0031-9R9R 17mm Lightweight Puff Heart Pendant
5P0031-9Y9Y 17mm Lightweight Puff Heart Pendant
9P70019ct 17.5mm Puff Heart Pendant (E184)
5P0115-9R9R 18mm Gold Disc Pendant
5P0115-9Y9Y Gold Disc Pendant 18mm
5P0032-9R9R 20mm Lightweight Puff Heart Pendant
5P0032-9Y9Y 20mm Lightweight Puff Heart Pendant
9P70039ct 23mm Puff Heart Pendant (E184)
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