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Religious Pendants
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5P00949Y/W Cross Pendant
5P01169Y Cross
5P0033-9Y9Y Large Cross 45mm x 30mm Pendant
5P0098-9Y9Y 16mm Diamond cut St Christopher Pendant
5P0099-9Y9Y St Christopher RD Pendant 18mm Diamond Cut
5P01059Y Flat Crucifix
5P01029Y Small Rounded Cross
5P01199W Aqua Diamond Cross Pendant DW:0.0033pt Aqua 0.17
5P01419Y CZ entwined cross Pendent
5P01429Y CZ Cross Pendent
5P01439Y CZ Abstract Cross Pendent
5P01449Y CZ Celtic Cross Pendent
5P01529W CZ Cross Pendent
5P00989Y9Y St Christopher RD Pendant 18mm D/Cut
5P00129CT Y/G Long Tube Cross Pendant
5P00139CT Y/G Fancy Cross Pendant
5P00149CT Y/G Plain Cross Pendant
5P00159CT Y/G Satin Top Cross Pendant
5P00169ct Y/G St Christopher Seal Pendant
5P00179ct Y/G St Christopher Oval Pendant
5P00189ct Y/G St Christopher Round Pendant
5P00199ct Y/G Small Cross Pendant
5P00209ct Y/G Crucifix Pendant
5P00229ct Y/G Crucifix Pendant
5P00239ct Y/G Crucifix Pendant
5P00879ct Two Colour St Christoper Round Casting Pendant
5P00969ct Yellow Puff Cross Pendant
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