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5P00949Y/W Cross Pendant
5P01169Y Cross
5P0098-9Y9Y 16mm Diamond cut St Christopher Pendant
5P0099-9Y9Y St Christopher RD Pendant 18mm Diamond Cut
5P01059Y Flat Crucifix
5P01029Y Small Rounded Cross
5P0119***NEW*** 9W Aqua Diamond Cross Pendant DW:0.0033pt Aqua 0.17
5P0141***NEW*** 9Y CZ entwined cross Pendent
5P0142***NEW*** 9Y CZ Cross Pendent
5P0144***NEW*** 9Y CZ Celtic Cross Pendent
5P0152***NEW*** 9W CZ Cross Pendent
5P00979Y St Christopher Oval Pendant 20mm x 15mm
5P00279Y St Christopher 20mm RD Pendant
5P00119CT Yellow Squared Cross Pendant
5P00129CT Y/G Long Tube Cross Pendant
5P00139CT Y/G Fancy Cross Pendant
5P00149CT Y/G Plain Cross Pendant
5P00159CT Y/G Satin Top Cross Pendant
5P00169ct Y/G St Christopher Seal Pendant
5P00179ct Y/G St Christopher Oval Pendant
5P00189ct Y/G St Christopher Round Pendant
5P00199ct Y/G Small Cross Pendant
5P00209ct Y/G Crucifix Pendant
5P00229ct Y/G Crucifix Pendant
5P00879ct Two Colour St Christoper Round Casting Pendant
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